• Are your employees safely working from home?
  • Do they have the IT services they need to protect your company from viruses and security issues?
  • Do you have 24/7/365 dedicated IT support for your team?

GEEK-AID® specializes in these IT services, helping Manhattan businesses for over 20 years. We provide FULL support to handle virus protection, computer repairs and tech-related issues. Our technicians are certified, uniformed and fully insured. We are midtown Manhattan-based, so you won’t have to deal with frustrating off-shore call centers.

And we do all of this (including office visits when needed) for less than $89 per seat per month. IT problems cost you time and money - and we stop most of them before they happen! Keep employees happy and connected and get your business on the path to better productivity and profitability.

Tech Repair Services and Small Business IT Solutions for Office and Home

Alexandra D - I cannot imagine running my business without the outstanding support and input from Geek-Aid! My trust in their knowledge, skill and experience is without bound
Patricia S - When we moved all our employees out of the office to work from home this year, they handled the whole transition for us. They got everyone's computer and phone set up in record time. Big shout out to the techs for your patience. We definitely could not have done this without you. You guys are the best!
Marc Z - Our company regularly uses Geek-Aid. We find them responsible; patient until the issue is solved; have great follow up and fully understand the issues of our business. Moreover, they take the time to understand our issues, even the simplest ones, without passing judgment. Their goal is to make sure our needs are fully taken care of and the 'mission' is accomplished!”
Robin C - They were able to get my favorite apps and photos back and get my phone working again. They can fix anything
Alexander L - My family and I have relied on Geek-Aid for our IT support for over 5 years. Service has always been professional, prompt and responsive. They have outstanding technicians and understand what is required and appropriate for our computer needs.
We Make House Calls®

Computer House Calls and IT Support in NYC for Business or Home Offices

Technology makes it easy to run your business and home office from any location. The remote workforce and work-from-home trends are growing rapidly. This transformation has changed the way we do business and run our lives, but one thing remains constant: Your tech devices and systems will need repairs and support. You need to stay connected and productive, and you need expertise to keep your tech running smoothly.

GEEK-AID® provides expert IT support services for small and midsized businesses (SMBs) and home offices in the greater New York City area. You can choose whether you want virtual remote IT support or an onsite visit from a technician. All our employees are Manhattan-based, so you are never dealing with the issues presented by overseas support centers. Our technicians can support and repair a full range of computer, tech and IT issues. Our team understands that your workday doesn’t end at 5 p.m., so we are available for emergency repairs and assistance 24/7/365. You can schedule convenient appointments and tech maintenance services for any New York City metropolitan area location. We provide a broad menu of computer repairs, tech support, network cyber security and IT consulting services. Support technicians are always available when you are traveling or offsite with virtual remote assistance for many common tech issues.

Residential Tech Support and Computer Repairs in Manhattan and the Metro Area

GEEK-AID® makes computer house calls to support your home and portable computers, laptops, tablets, phones, routers, printers and tech devices. Our uniformed and insured technicians will come to your home to provide expert computer repairs, IT support, installation and training for all your devices in any New York City metropolitan location. We can also perform virtual remote tech assistance for many common IT support issues. You can choose which type of visit you would like. Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Computer Repair Service – Repairs and tune-ups for slow or crashed computers
  • Data Recovery Service – Recover missing computer files or create secure data backup
  • Computer Setup and Installations – New equipment, updates, new software, new email
  • WiFi and Internet Setup – Connectivity setup or improved speed, security and range
  • Cyber Security – Virus, malware and spyware removal, security settings and protective software
  • Mobile Devices – Repairs, settings and updates for smartphones and tablets
  • Home Office Setup – Work-from-home and remote learning initial setup or improvement
  • Smart Home Installation – Home, media and gaming systems initial setup or service
  • Computer Training – Skills for new devices, software programs, systems, employer or learning requirements
  • Tech Consultation – Pre-purchase advice for upgrades and best options
  • Remote IT Support – Technician virtual log-in help sessions wherever you or your family need IT assistance

Small Business IT Solutions for the New York City Metro Area

GEEK-AID® responds quickly to diagnose and repair tech issues and outages. We understand the urgency of getting your business productive and reconnected. Our technicians work until the problem is fully resolved and can offer network strategies to avoid future downtime events. We work within your industry’s latest security and data protection requirements to help your company stay compliant. Our technicians make service calls to you and your employees in any location in the NYC metro area. Support can often be done via virtual remote help sessions. Choosing virtual support is sometimes more convenient for you and is a perfect option when your employees are traveling. We focus on the needs of SMBs and can share our business expertise with you. Our full range of options for business IT consulting, tech service and managed IT services in New York includes:

  • Computer Repair – Malfunctioning tech devices and computer crashes resolved quickly
  • File Recovery, Data Backup and Data Protection – Recover missing files and protect existing data with secure, automated backups
  • Network Cyber Security – Detection, removal and protection for malware, viruses and ransomware
  • Business Email Service – Set up professional office email and integrated productivity tool suites or support for existing business email issues
  • IT Consulting Services – Technology strategy, integration and procurement advice for best options, compliance and cost-effective ways to stretch your IT budget
  • Business Mobile – Tech support, setup and repairs for smartphones, tablets or BYOD devices
  • Remote IT Support – Enable secure network access, employee productivity monitoring and technologies for data security, conferencing, desk telephony and document e-signing or remote office setup and support
  • IT Support Services – Tech setup, installation and configuring for devices, systems and software
  • Employee Training – Tech skill-building for new software and systems
  • Network Connectivity – WiFi, network and cloud setup, configuration or improvement of access, security, data storage and migration
  • IT Maintenance – Maximize your technology investment with performance tune-ups and scheduled maintenance to optimize devices and systems for speed, security and storage capacity
  • IT Operations Management – Outsource your IT department to us or have us relieve your in-house IT burden
  • IT Service Packages – Cost-effective monthly and yearly agreements for unlimited service and support, remote virtual assistance service or custom hybrid packages
  • IT for Startups – Special discount offers, advice and support for your first year in business

GEEK-AID® is a business IT solutions company providing computer tech service and NYC IT support to our metropolitan area customers since 2003. We offer unlimited service plans for SMBs. It’s like having your own IT department, but at a much lower price than hiring an in-house employee. We will help you get the most out of your IT budget by keeping your equipment maintained and optimized. Call us to schedule a service appointment or to set up a free consultation.

Get support and service for all devices and brands: GEEK-AID® tech support is with you 24/7/365.