An IT Support Company in NYC: Our Story

More than a decade ago, our founders met while working at the same company in midtown. They handled internal IT (aka computer geeks) and were often asked to help the company’s small business clients solve IT problems to facilitate projects. The team quickly identified the growing need among small and midsized businesses (SMBs) in NYC for reliable, affordable and knowledgeable business-focused technology services. A new venture was launched, and it has been expanded over the years to include residential service house calls and complete managed network IT services.

Computer Repair in NYC: Our Mission

Many SMBs do not yet require or have the budget for full-time in-house IT employees. These companies tend to rely on someone within the business (an owner or manager) to handle technology problems. This strategy can lead to gaps in IT security, inefficient workarounds, programs that cannot sync, missing data or costly duplication of programs and services. Your business may also need help with projects or with supplementing an in-house employee. SMBs need technology to improve productivity and efficiency, not create new problems. GEEK-AID® solves technology problems and fills the role of a familiar and trusted IT specialist for your company, providing:

Business IT Support: House Calls and Remote Support Options

Business networks are increasingly connected to home offices and remote employees. GEEK-AID® can connect and support your entire workforce, help employees with tech problems on the road or at home and even help students away at school with virtual computer repair and support sessions. Many issues can now be solved over the phone, or we can log in to your device and resolve problems using specialized software. We offer hourly service, cost-effective service plans and complete managed IT for proactive service, support and maintenance of your network devices and systems. Share your technology goals with us, and we can help you choose the right service level to ensure smooth and reliable IT operations while helping you stay within your budget. Choose from:

Network Security for Small Business

Business productivity slows and reputations can suffer when websites and servers crash, data is missing or compromised, or computers are too slow to keep up with growing demands. Many of these costly issues can be avoided by installing and maintaining security software on your network and properly training employees to recognize malware attempts. We have seen the financial devastation that hacking incidents cause and we know that cybercriminals specifically target small businesses. We help all of our customers prioritize computer security and take preventative and protective measures that can make data recovery possible.

IT Services for Non-Profits and Startups: Special Rates

We remember the early days of our business. Money was tight, and we took all the help we could get. Now it’s our turn to share our expertise. GEEK-AID® provides special rates for your first year in business and special rates for non-profit organizations. Our company derives success from our long-term customers and satisfied referrals. We are happy to give new businesses and volunteer groups the technical help and advice they need to be successful.

We are still “computer geeks” and get excited about every new tech innovation. Our professional IT technicians are continually re-certifying with technology manufacturers, updating their skills and receiving advanced service-level training. We look forward to sharing our extensive business technology expertise and new technology enthusiasm to update and improve business productivity and IT reliability for all of our customers.

Our Expertise

GEEK-AID® business and home technology experts can help you with any technology challenge. Our network consultants and support personnel maintain ongoing certification and training from our strategic industry partners, including:

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