Remote IT Support

GEEK-AID® remote IT support technicians can virtually support employee IT issues on computers, servers, phones, laptops and tablets wherever they are located, including traveling employees and those working from their homes. Supporting work-from-home employee IT devices has never been more critical for small and midsized businesses (SMBs). We can quickly help your team over the phone or via remote screen access, freeing you to focus on running your business operations. We take the frustration out of IT problems by serving as your company IT helpdesk.

The Benefits of Remote IT Support for Small Business

Many SMBs do not have a full-time IT department or may be overwhelmed with IT problems. Remote IT support can be a cost-effective solution to this problem. The days of lengthy waits for a technician to travel to your office are gone. GEEK-AID® has the ability to share a computer screen virtually, with permission, and navigate through IT problems in real time. Your employees can work on something else while this is happening, or observe progress on the screen during the help session. In many cases, the issue can be solved with just a phone call. Here are more benefits of remote IT support:

Remote IT Service Options

Remote workforce employees may be using a variety of company-owned devices or bring-your-own-devices (BYODs) in multiple settings. They may wish to postpone service until they reach a destination or schedule service calls for a convenient time after an event or after business hours. GEEK-AID® remote service technicians can work with your employees to accommodate individual service needs. Our experts can provide support for these common service requests, and more:

Remote IT Solutions to Improve SMB Technology

Nearly 40% of SMBs outsource their IT services with some form of IT operations management. Your business increasingly relies on technology to perform critical business functions. Equipment and system outages affect productivity, sales, schedules and customer service, and add to employee frustration. Remote IT support can be the fastest and least expensive way to get your business running again. Our experts see IT solutions at work in various industries and can suggest improvements or strategies to enhance office productivity and improve technology for your company. We deal with IT issues and solutions every day and can help your business organize and prioritize technology initiatives and investments in the following ways:

On-Site IT Services for Comprehensive IT Support

Of course, not every issue can be resolved remotely. Our technicians can make in-person service calls to many NYC metropolitan locations for physical repairs, office relocations or other on-site services, including:

We are a comprehensive full-service IT provider specializing in small to midsized businesses in the Manhattan metropolitan area. We can provide all your IT service and support needs or supplement your in-house IT department. Services can include single service calls or be covered as part of our cost-effective monthly remote IT service package. We also provide a managed IT service plan designed to help cap monthly IT expenses.

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