IT Maintenance Services Help Reduce IT Costs and Unplanned Downtime

IT maintenance can improve your hardware and software performance and reliability, reduce outages, and reduce the overall cost of ownership for IT equipment. GEEK-AID® can assess and inventory your existing hardware and software and perform the necessary IT maintenance services to keep it running at peak performance, and help reduce the risk of more serious IT issues from occurring. Unplanned network outages can cost your business in terms of lost sales, lost productivity, and unhappy customers.

GEEK-AID® IT maintenance outsourcing helps small and midsized businesses (SMBs) stretch their IT budgets. We provide strategies that can include extending the life of your equipment, repurposing existing hardware or moving some activities to the cloud to save costs or defray capital outlay. We can also provide affordable third-party maintenance (TPM) for many IT products in place of expensive manufacturer's extended warranties. We maintain your network by performing these maintenance tasks, and more:

Software Support Service: Patching and Updating

Software manufacturers frequently issue corrective repairs and modifications for their products after errors or "bugs" are discovered. GEEK-AID will verify that all your software is updated and patched to the latest manufacturer's standards. This task is essential for security software. We can automate some aspects of bug fixes so that your employees will always have access to the latest and most secure versions of programs. We will test each program's function after updating it to make sure it is installed correctly and is functional. Sometimes deciding not to install and use a new update may make sense, and our experts can guide you on this strategic decision. Our technicians can handle all corrective, adaptive, modification and maintenance software services for your company.

IT Hardware Maintenance and Hardware Support: Repair or Replace?

IT maintenance can help extend your equipment's life and delay the need for large capital outlays to purchase new hardware. Sometimes purchasing new equipment makes more sense than a repair but may include hidden related costs. Our experts can help you weigh the anticipated repair costs against purchase costs to make an informed budget decision. Our consultants are industry experts and are familiar with which products are having issues, or which products are new and untested and will likely require substantial fixes in the first few years. GEEK-AID® will help you:

IT Maintenance Tasks and Schedule

GEEK-AID® will structure your maintenance schedule to manage all the components of your IT system proactively. We keep track of the necessary frequency of tasks, and track alerts for patches and updates of your specific products. Our technicians can perform proactive maintenance for all your office IT products, including:

Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) for IT Hardware

GEEK-AID can provide third-party maintenance services for IT hardware. New hardware comes with a warranty, and when it expires, manufacturers attempt to sell you an extended warranty. Check with us to see if the warranty is necessary or beneficial to your company. In many cases, our technicians can provide these services for much less than the warranty service contract. We are fully knowledgeable about what typically goes wrong with the hardware and the steps required to keep your system functioning smoothly.

IT Network Maintenance

GEEK-AID can manage your network IT maintenance from the top down or relieve your overwhelmed IT staff by performing IT maintenance service. We can help you decipher which equipment is still under the manufacturer's warranty. Our experts will audit network performance to make sure it is updated and patched, and all components are correctly installed to minimize errors and costly downtime. We can create a customized maintenance plan that will cover all your network maintenance needs, including:

Keep your IT system running at peak performance and reduce downtime events. Call GEEK-AID® today for IT Maintenance services, IT consulting services and computer repairs.