Cyber Security Services for Home Networks

GEEK-AID® can help secure and protect your home computer network, wireless (WiFi) network and all internet-connected devices. For computers and tech devices that are already compromised by viruses and malware, our experts can remove any traces of the attack and restore safe function to your computers and devices. Keeping your home office and online family activities protected from cybercriminals and hackers becomes more complicated as each new device and smart home system goes into use. Our experts will combine security layers to help protect your data, mobile devices, online activity and privacy. We can help protect and service all brands and operating systems of computers and tech devices. All network-connected devices and applications in use in your home can increase the risk of cyberattack, including:

Computer Security Service: WiFi Protection and Privacy

Many devices in your home rely on the convenience and portability of WiFi. Wireless eliminates the need for hardwired installations throughout your home. It also presents many security issues. Our technicians will begin with the basics and review your entire system for security, starting with internet connections, modems and routers and then checking the individual component settings within your system. Ensuring your equipment is up-to-date, patched and protected is an essential first step in WiFi network security. GEEK-AID® will check these items and issues:

Work-From-Home Cybersecurity

The shift from company offices to work-from-home (WFH) has created additional cybersecurity risks for home networks due to increased network traffic and activities. Home networks tend to have less robust security than company office networks that may use full-time IT managers. You may use several devices to access your work files and applications, such as mobile phones, desktops and laptops. GEEK-AID will ensure all devices that access the company are secure and that the data you send and receive is safe.

We can help you prevent someone in your home from using your work device to access unsafe sites or accidentally erasing or modifying a critical work document. We can help you avoid exposing your company to risk and harming your professional reputation. We can help protect your data and devices and help you adhere to your employer’s data and internet security policies. Our technicians use layered methods of network protection and can help with:

Securing Your Home Network with Training and Education

Education is still one of the best methods to prevent cybercrimes. GEEK-AID® technicians can give you information and tips to help you avoid clicking on malicious attachments and teach you how to recognize fake emails designed to trick you into giving up information (known as a Phishing attack). Let us know how you and your family use computers and mobile devices, and we can create specific training for your needs. We can help educate you and your family on how to:

Protect Private Financial and Personal Info with Home Network Security

Our technicians will help you keep unauthorized users out of your network and keep personal financial and private data out of the hands of cybercriminals. Call us today to set up an appointment for proactive computer security services for both residential networks and small business networks.

GEEK-AID® residential cyber security incident response gives you rapid access to experts in case of a suspected cyber incident or attempted data breach. Call us at the first sign of trouble. We can rapidly give you advice over the phone or via a remote session to quickly shut down any malicious activity even before we arrive onsite.