Computer Setup and Installations

Installing and setting up new computers and equipment can be time-consuming and challenging. GEEK-AID® technicians make house calls to quickly and expertly install new equipment and computers or relocate tech equipment within your home. We set up and configure your IT equipment and verify that everything is running correctly and properly connected. We will confirm before your computer setup appointment that you have all the necessary equipment to get started. Our professional computer installation services include:

In-Home Computer Setup Services for Tech Devices and More

Home technology now includes more than just a desktop computer and printer. Properly configuring new tech equipment takes time and expertise. GEEK-AID® can install and configure any device that accesses the internet in your home. We can tie the systems together to communicate and integrate with each other and sync between desktop, tablet and mobile phone. Our technicians can install and configure any brand or operating system of home and office tech equipment, including:

Computer Set Up Services Include Security and Software Updates

Sometimes computers are shipped with older or outdated versions of software. Manufacturers are constantly updating their programs to ensure operating glitches and security issues are resolved. GEEK-AID® technicians will verify that your new computer and devices are operating with the latest versions of programs and systems. When we install software programs for documents, calendars and email, we will use the newest versions to help ensure security, expanded features and ease of use.

MAC and PC Installation Service Provides Expanded User Options

Work-from-home and remote learning has expanded the tasks performed on home computers. Computer set up and installation service is an excellent opportunity to explore adding new programs to your computers and devices. Let us know what you need your new device to do, and our expert technicians can suggest new programs or hardware that can help you perform everyday tasks with greater ease and efficiency. We have exposure to a wide range of business and industry software and can make suggestions for your unique home office and student learning needs.

Complete Purchase and Installation Packages

Complete product purchase, shipping, installation and configuring packages are available. GEEK-AID® consultants can handle the entire process for you. We order, ship and install everything you need. We make sure your new system is compatible with your needs and integrated into your other devices. Visit our Tech Consultation section for a full description of this service. Here’s what we include:

Safe Disposal of Old Computers and Devices

Now that you have your new computers and devices installed, GEEK-AID can help you safely wipe hard drive data off old tech devices so they can be safely discarded, recycled or donated. Leaving data on a device can expose you to identity theft, credit card fraud and other cybersecurity issues. Our experts will verify that old equipment and devices have been completely cleared of personally identifiable information, sensitive medical and personal information and private financial information.

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