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GEEK-AID® owns and operates (hereafter referred to as “GEEK-AID,” “GEEK-AID,” “we,” “us” and “our”). Our Cookie Statement explains how and why we use cookies, as well as other technologies, in the course of doing business on our website or in our mobile application. In addition, the statement clarifies similar technologies—what they are, why we use them, and your rights with respect to controlling our use of them. This statement is incorporated in our Terms of Use.

We may use cookies and other tracking technologies, as described in this statement, to collect personal information about you. To learn more about how we might process your information, please also read our Privacy Policy.

A few crumbs of information about cookies

Cookies are small pieces of data that are transferred to and stored on your computer or mobile device when visiting websites like ours. You may have noticed privacy notices and pop-up windows alerting you to the use of cookies and asking you to agree to their placement. This is because cookies were designed to permit websites to track users’ browsing activities and remember useful information such as their physical location, the last time they visited a particular website, and when it was that they returned. Two types of cookies perform those functions: “First-party cookies” created by the service provider or website owner (such as GEEK-AID Cyber Protection”) and “third-party” cookies created by other service providers or website owners, most commonly by advertising networks.

Why GEEK-AID uses cookies as well as other tracking technologies

There are additional reasons why we at GEEK-AID use first- and third-party cookies. Some cookies are simply required so that our website and services can operate properly. These are called “essential” cookies, and they are in everyone’s best interests. Others, which are called “performance” or “functionality” cookies, allow us and the third parties we work with, such as advertisers, to track visitors on our website, then target their interests. (Both are described in greater detail below.) We might use these cookies to display or send specially selected content in order to help us customize and personalize your website experience; at the same time, they help us improve our services to you. Cookies are also served by third parties through our website and services for a variety of other purposes, such as analytics (the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of web data) and advertising.

Cookies that are in place for performance and for functionality

These cookies, meanwhile, are used to improve, to any even greater extent, the performance and functioning of our websites, but they are not considered essential. Were it not for these cookies, however, some functions might not be available to you and other users.

Essential (though not mandatory) website cookies

As stated earlier, these cookies are required for our website and services to function properly. They are also necessary to provide you with certain services and features, and to give you access to secure areas. As such, users cannot decline them without impairing the function and performance of our website. That said, you have the option of blocking or deleting these cookies by changing your browser settings (please see “Additional technologies for tracking website visitors” and “Here’s how you can accept or reject cookies,” below).

Third-party cookies used for customization and data analytics

We use third-party cookies, meanwhile, to collect various bits of information for several purposes: to let us know how our website is being used, how effective our marketing campaigns may or may not be, and how we might customize our site and services to improve your user experience. Although these cookies may be generated by others, they still benefit both us and you.

Additional technologies for tracking website visitors

In addition to cookies, we and our third-party partners may use similar tracking technologies, such as pixels, to know when users have visited our website or opened our emails. This helps us to accomplish several key objectives: monitor traffic patterns from page to page on our site; know which third-party websites you were on before visiting us; improve the performance of our site and services; and measure the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. Again, it is important for you to know that, in most cases, these and other tracking technologies rely on cookies for websites like ours to function at optimum performance levels. You may choose to set your browser to refuse cookies but declining them may mean that you will not be able to take full advantage of the services offered on our website.

Yet another use: targeted online advertising

You should also know that we may work with one or more third-party service providers to track and analyze individual and aggregate, or collected and combined, usage as a result of activity on our website. We may partner with one or more third parties--with advertisers and ad networks, for example--to display advertising on our website or on other sites. These third parties use cookies and similar tracking technologies to collect and use data about your online activities, both on our website and on other sites or mobile apps. They do this in order to learn your interests—or inferred interests, based on your browsing activities—so as to target advertisements tailored to you. Additionally, third-party service providers may gather information about your visits to our website and other sites in order to measure and track how effective ads and marketing efforts are. The information collected by these third parties, however, will not include personal data that could cause you to be specifically identified.

Here’s how you can accept or reject cookies

You have the option of accepting or rejecting cookies on a website in one of two ways: Through web browser controls, which vary from browser to browser, or through “Do Not Track” (DNT) settings and functions on some internet browsers. At not just the risk but the certainty of repeating ourselves, rejecting cookies may impair some functions of the tracking technology as well as limit you being able to take full advantage of our services.

Occasional updates to our Cookie Statement

This Cookie Statement may be updated for legal, regulatory or other reasons, and occasionally it is. The date of the most recent update is shown at the bottom of this page. Please check back from time to time for further possible changes to the statement.

Additional information

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