Mobile Device Management for Improved Productivity

Your company increasingly relies on mobile devices for business-critical functions. Smartphones, tablets and laptops are essential tools for remote and work-from-home employees. Whether the devices that access your network are company-provided or employee-owned, managing them requires time and IT expertise. GEEK-AID® can manage and support all of your business mobile devices. Here is how mobile device management (MDM) can benefit your business:

An MDM Solution for Small Business

Mobile devices improve productivity and flexibility for small and midsized businesses (SMBs); however, they also add additional IT administration pressure and concern about how devices are managed and maintained. Many SMBs lack full time IT employees and may rely on managers or owners to solve IT issues. GEEK-AID® provides end-to-end management, service and support for business mobile devices. Our experts will also let you know when new technologies are right for your business. Here are some of the services we can provide for your company:

BYOD Management and BYOD Policy for Small Business

Allowing employees to bring their own device (BYOD) or requiring company-supplied devices for network access is a decision every SMB must weigh carefully. There are pros and cons to consider for both, including:

A BYOD policy is essential if your small business decides to allow the use of employee-owned devices. Your team members must agree to the terms of the policy before access to the network is granted. Employees must understand that if a phone is lost or stolen, the phone will be remotely wiped of all information (including personal items) to ensure that valuable company and customer data are protected. GEEK-AID® consultants can help your business draft use policies for all devices.

Technical Support and Service for Business Mobile Devices

GEEK-AID® consultants handle all the technical issues surrounding company mobile devices. Having an IT expert available for set-ups, enrolling new devices, updates and repairs allows you to concentrate on running your business, not trying to solve frustrating tech problems. We will help with these tasks, and more:

Mobile Device Security for Small Business

By their very nature, mobile devices are much more likely to be stolen or lost than desktop computers. These devices have become lucrative targets: Cybercriminals can resell them or harvest valuable data to sell on the dark web. Businesses must have the ability and expertise to quickly wipe company data and remove network access from lost or stolen devices. GEEK-AID® experts can act quickly upon notification 24/7/365 to clear the device of sensitive and private data and shut down access to the network. Mobile device security should be part of the risk-reduction efforts of all small businesses. Liability for stolen business and consumer data puts your company at risk for compliance and regulatory fines, consumer lawsuits, loss of contracts and harm to brand reputation. Our experts can also apply these security measures and more to your mobile devices:

Safely Decommissioning and Recycling Mobile Devices

Transferring devices from one employee to another or taking a device out of service requires technical expertise to ensure complete removal of data and network access. GEEK-AID® technicians will ensure that valuable data that your company collected is completely gone from any device before it is resold, donated or recycled.

Management Oversight and Control of Small Business Mobile Devices

GEEK-AID understands the benefits of mobile devices for SMBs. Our consultants can give you oversight, management and control of all devices that access the company network and company business data. We will help you realize all the value of your mobile technology investment.

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