File Recovery

GEEK-AID® can help recover files, emails and images from all types and brands of computers, laptops, phones and data storage devices. Whether you are completing a work project, financial project or academic paper, a sudden or unexpected data loss can be inconvenient or even devastating. Data loss can cost you time and money and create frustration. Our technicians come to your location and utilize the latest tools, techniques and software to successfully and securely locate and restore your files from within your devices or from a synced cloud account. Quickly recovering your missing data keeps you connected and productive. Here are some common causes of data loss that we can help with:

Recover Lost Data and More

Call us right away to increase the success of data restoration services. GEEK-AID® can provide immediate instruction to help preserve existing data and decrease the likelihood of further damage. Our fully mobilized and stocked technicians arrive at your home and diagnose the issue. In addition to recovering lost data, our technicians can provide forensic information, such as files and images that were recently deleted. Data may exist in more than one place on a computer, and our expert technicians can help recover your files from nearly any device that stores data, such as computers, mobile devices, USB drives and portable hard drives. We can help locate these data types and more:

Data Backup and Data Protection Service

Leaving your data unprotected is risky. Having a backup plan in place can help you quickly restore important data and recover from any data-loss incident more rapidly and thoroughly. GEEK-AID® technicians can set up automated daily or weekly backups to safely store all your files in the cloud. Saved files are then accessible to you from any location. We can also show you other portable ways to back up and store data in an area separate from your computer. Our experts will also test your backup to be sure it is saving data correctly. Our data experts will help you back up and protect data that resides on these devices:

Mobile Device and Phone Data Recovery Services

Due to their portable nature, smartphones, tablets and laptops are at the greatest risk of data loss from theft, misplacement or physical damage such as being dropped, submerged or crushed. GEEK-AID® can help locate data on existing phones, restore data from a cloud-synced account or load your data onto a new phone, laptop or mobile device.

Data Restoration

After any data files have been located, our technicians will reload them onto your device. GEEK-AID can provide you with strategies and tips to avoid future data-loss events. Sometimes finding data files is a simple process, and other times it can be more complicated or impossible. A hard drive must sometimes be removed and taken to a “clean room” facility to open and attempt recovery safely. We will always provide an estimated cost for this third-party service. After any data is recovered, we can reinstall a working or new hard drive for you.

Disaster Recovery Service

If the worst should happen and some or all of your devices are unusable or destroyed, GEEK-AID® can help you load accounts and programs onto all new devices. Our technicians can teach you how to access your data on a new device, and we will also educate you on the warning signs of computer hard drive failure issues such as:

Contact GEEK-AID at the first sign of data loss so we can help you prevent further loss and damage to data. Our expert IT technicians will help you recover as much data as possible and help you with strategies to avoid future data loss.