Technology for Startups: Expert Tech Advice for New Businesses

Getting business technology right can save money in the long run, and give your new company a professional appearance and a competitive edge. Many small businesses make technology decisions on price alone, which can be a false economy. By providing professional advice and strategies for improved productivity, cost savings and seamless interoperability of all your technology systems and IT equipment, GEEK-AID® can help you make sound tech decisions. Our technicians have the advantage of seeing a wide variety of products and systems in use in many industry sectors. We share our expertise to help you choose technology that will scale with your growth and serve your business needs for many years. Our IT consultants can help your business:

Small Business Technology: Strategies for Productivity

New businesses can’t afford a full-time IT specialist but still need expert help and advice. IT support is the most frequently outsourced service for small and mid-sized companies. Our technicians can help you position your company for growth and improve IT service efficiency and productivity to attract and retain new customers. You can focus on running and growing your business instead of managing IT problems. GEEK-AID® fills the role of an in-house expert for your company, along with special pricing for startups. We can help you with all aspects of small business information technology, including:

Technology Used in Business: Cloud for Startups

Your business will depend heavily on technology for communication, accounting, inventory, sales and more. Using a cloud productivity suite like Microsoft Office 365 can simplify and tie together all aspects of office productivity, seamlessly linking email, calendar, accounting and more. There are many affordable packages that are cost-effective for small companies. We will help you determine which productivity suite is in use in your industry sector. Cloud suites make it easy for your employees to access their work from mobile devices or work-from-home offices. Using cloud applications can also reduce the amount of local storage required for your network. We can help your business with these IT productivity tools:

IT for Startups: Tech Discounts for Your First Year in Business

GEEK-AID® offers IT support to new startups with steep discounts and affordable rates. We offer a 40% discount on service contracts during the first year that a company is in operation. Our IT services include everything your business needs to get started, including rapid onsite response 24/7/365. It’s been decades since we were a new business, but we still remember the struggles and worries. We also recognize the people that helped us along the way, owing much of our early success to their good advice and support.

Congratulations on your new business! We look forward to working with you. Contact us today and tell us about your unique business needs and goals.