Data Recovery in New York City

Missing or corrupted business data on company servers or devices can cause major disruptions and ruin or delay your projects. Months of careful work can disappear or become unusable. Data restoration expertise is essential in recovering data access and function. Our professionals will run diagnostic tests to determine what caused the data loss, how to resolve it and how to help prevent it from happening again. We will do everything possible to restore missing data so you can get back to work. GEEK-AID® technicians can recover and restore data from many devices, including:

Business Data Storage and Data Backup

Imagine having to rebuild your data from scratch if it was entirely lost. Could you recreate customer records, employee records, inventory, formulas or financial and tax records? How long would it take? Human error, network cyber security incidents, physical damage and hardware failures are just some of the many reasons why data is lost or compromised. Having a plan in place to safely store and back up business data is an essential step in business continuity planning and risk reduction. It is necessary to protect your company from the devastation of data loss from both internal and external actions.

Small businesses sometimes put off data protection due to lack of time or funds, but the costs of recreating your data (if it is even possible) would far exceed the costs of protecting it. Our consultants can help you implement complete data disaster recovery planning so that your business would be able to recover data from backups and enable data restoration if the worst were to happen. GEEK-AID® understands business data storage requirements and will consider these factors when creating your company’s unique data storage plan:

Data Protection for Small Business

If you collect, store and transmit sensitive data, you are required to protect it. GEEK-AID® will help protect your business data from loss, theft and sabotage. Collecting personally identifiable information such as private financial, credit card, employee or healthcare information makes you liable for its protection. Many vendor contracts now contain legal language requiring proof of data security. Failure to protect this information can result in consumer privacy lawsuits, employee actions and regulatory fines. Failure to protect sensitive data can also cause:

GEEK-AID will review your current data protection and provide a comprehensive approach plan. We will help ensure robust data protection and security against all types of data loss and compromise, including insider threats and suspicious network file activity. Having strong protection and monitoring in place can protect your data while in storage, in use and in transit. Here are more ways we can help protect your data:

We take your data security seriously. GEEK-AID® will make sure your business data is protected, compliant and backed up. When your company experiences outages, computer crashes or cybersecurity incidents, your data will be securely stored and available to you. Our team uses multiple data backup solutions to ensure that your data will never be lost. Our experts are available for a full range of IT consulting services to help you with a comprehensive strategy and plan for all aspects of IT and tech planning.

Contact us today for assistance with data recovery in New York City and get started on data protection and data backup solutions for your business.