Network Connectivity: Small Business Network Solutions

Your business depends on fast, reliable internet connections. An efficiently operating network keeps employees productive and gives customers and visitors a professional experience. Increased demands on your network from mobile, IoT (Internet of Things) and smart devices like sensors and cameras can decrease speed and performance and cause network disruptions. GEEK-AID® can help keep your business network connections fast, secure and reliable, and scaled to handle all of the devices connected to it during peak operation. Our technicians can design and install small and midsized business (SMB) networks and related equipment and correct performance issues. We provide expert support with network connectivity for:

Network Setup and Design

GEEK-AID® can design a professional-grade business network that considers your current usage needs and any planned equipment changes. We will assess your usage for items that require more capacity. We can connect and integrate all areas of your network using switches, routers and gateways so that your employees, visitors and customers can have a seamless experience. Our network design consultants look at these considerations, and more:

Remote Network Access and Small Business VPN

GEEK-AID® can establish secure and reliable network access for your remote team members or work-from-home (WFH) employees. Discovering how your employees work, the level of security required and what programs they need to access will help determine which type of system to use. There are pros and cons and varying costs within each option. Our technicians can provide these remote work network options for your employees:

WiFi and Guest Networks

Wireless networks can improve employee productivity and keep customers happy, and can also be used to capture customer habits and contact data for marketing efforts and promotions. Visitors increasingly expect reliable WiFi access, but it is essential to keep public- and private-facing networks separated for security and other reasons. GEEK-AID® performs all WiFi connectivity services and can set up guest networks for your business. Our consultants will review where your teams use their devices and what items will connect to WiFi and design a system that meets your coverage and capacity needs. For existing wireless networks, we can troubleshoot, update and improve access and performance. We provide these wireless services for your business:

Network Management and Service

SMBs may not have the time, budget or trained resources to manage complicated network connections, WiFi and VPN mobile technology. GEEK-AID can manage and maintain your network connections for peak performance using industry best practices for configuration and network security. Our experts can quickly restore service outages so your employees can get back to work. Technicians can schedule maintenance visits to complete necessary patches and updates and keep your system running smoothly to avoid unplanned outages and costly disruptions. You can focus on running your business instead of technical issues.

We can help you with cost-effective strategies to free up bandwidth, such as moving some of your business activities to the cloud, or scheduling backup and maintenance activities for off-peak hours. We can help you get the network functions you need now, and build in some room for growth to help you get the most out of your equipment.

Improve your small business network connections with better speed, coverage and reliability. Contact GEEK-AID® for a free evaluation.