Mobile Device Repairs

You depend on the convenience and portability of mobile devices. When they stop working or malfunction, you need them fixed right away. GEEK-AID® can service all of your portable hand-held tech devices. Mobile devices are at constant risk of damage from hazards such as liquid spills and falls, and sometimes parts wear out and need to be replaced. Our experts can service any device brand or operating system. Most repairs can be done quickly so you can get back to work on your device within the hour. Our mobile technicians come to your home or office location to diagnose and fix these items and more:

Kindle Repair and iPhone Repair at Home

GEEK-AID® can repair broken and malfunctioning devices of all kinds in your home, office, lobby or other convenient location. Our technicians will gather preliminary information about your device and the problems you are having with it and then set an appointment with you. A fully mobilized service expert will arrive for the appointment stocked with the necessary parts, tools and equipment needed to complete these and other repairs:

Android and iPhone Repairs in Manhattan

All of our technicians are Manhattan-based. A local expert, not someone from a distant call center, will answer your call. GEEK-AID® service experts are licensed and insured by the State of New York and arrive in uniform for your appointment. After completing repairs, our technicians will verify that your device is operating properly and they can offer suggestions and strategies to avoid similar damage in the future. We do our best to help you extend the life of your device.

Optimizing Mobile Devices for Improved Speed and Performance

Phones and tablets may begin to operate differently, signaling the need for service. Processing speeds may slow or halt, or the device may shut itself off. GEEK-AID® technicians can examine your device for computer viruses or malware infections. If a cybersecurity issue is discovered, we can remove the virus and get your mobile device up and running correctly. Besides cyberattacks, many other common problems can affect your device's speed and performance. Our technicians will help correct these device-operating issues and more:

Tech Purchase Consultations: Buyer’s Advice for New Devices and Phones

Of course, not all damaged phones and tech devices are repairable, and some are beyond their useful life or are no longer supported by the manufacturer. GEEK-AID’s expert consultants can guide you toward a replacement mobile device that will meet your operational needs and budget. They can also set up your new device along with familiar user accounts and applications. We will explain new features so you can enjoy all the benefits your new device provides.

Mobile Device Support and Training

GEEK-AID® technicians are all IT specialists. We can help you learn how to perform new computer tasks or use new applications on your phone or device. Let us know what you need to do for work, school or home, and we can help you select the right application or program, install it and explain the features. Accessing programs on your mobile device can help you perform these tasks and more:

Get fast and convenient onsite assistance. Contact GEEK-AID for all mobile device repairs, support and service.