Home Network Service

A properly configured home network can handle all the demands you place on it. Working from home, online learning, video streaming, gaming, smart home devices and connected appliances have placed greater demands on home networks. You depend on reliable, secure and strong internet connections from everywhere in your home to ensure your equipment can perform properly and sync with other connected devices in your home network.

GEEK-AID® will set up your home network to provide wired and wireless (WiFi) connectivity for all your devices. Our technicians design your home network to ensure sufficient bandwidth and coverage to handle all your streaming needs and avoid the frustrations of slow loading and spotty internet service coverage. Our consultants can design your system from scratch or diagnose and fix issues with a current home network and WiFi setup, including:

Home Network Installation

Deciding which components of your network require a wired connection and those that need wireless will help determine how to set up your system. GEEK-AID® technicians will gather information on how you use computers and devices and what type of internet-connected devices you plan to add. All internet-connected devices place demands on your home network, so we will configure the system connectivity to meet your current needs with some room to grow. We will help you avoid the frustration of slow or spotty service in your home. Installation of the home network wireless and hard-wired system includes:

Network Setup Service for All Internet-Connected Devices

GEEK-AID® can add all of your current devices to the home network or connect any new devices you would like to add. We will make sure the newly connected components work properly and ensure they sync and integrate with other devices in your home if capable. Our mobilized expert technicians arrive fully stocked for the project and can set up and connect these devices and more:

Network and WiFi Installers in the New York City Metropolitan Area

GEEK-AID’s Manhattan-based technicians arrive in uniform for your appointment. In advance of your service call, we will verify that you have everything necessary to complete the service installation. We will always attempt to use your newer existing equipment whenever possible. We can also provide any required components or equipment and have them shipped to your location. Our expert IT network installers are fully insured and licensed by the State of New York. We provide the following:

Home WiFi Installation and Office Network Installation Services

GEEK-AID® provides complete IT and network installation and service for your home. We also provide complete network IT services and consultation for small and midsized business offices, including setting up employee secure work-from-home network access.

Put an end to the frustration of slow or spotty internet. Contact us for an appointment today and get reliable network and WiFi coverage for your home or office.