Online Computer Repair and Troubleshooting

Many computer repairs can be completed online or over the phone. GEEK-AID® gives you access to an IT expert who can use software to connect to your computer and complete repairs remotely. This convenient virtual visit means you don’t have to disconnect and carry computer parts to and from repair shops for service. Convenient remote help sessions can be quickly conducted from any location with an internet connection. This option is perfect for home, remote offices, field offices or family members at school or traveling.

Our technicians are ready to assist you, 24/7/365. In many cases, we can help you within the hour or schedule a more convenient appointment. Online computer repair is a cost-effective option, providing savings over onsite visits. All of our technicians are Manhattan-based, so your call will be answered by a local expert. GEEK-AID® virtual support services all home tech, including:

Online Computer Assistance: How it Works

Contact GEEK-AID® at the first sign of trouble with your computer or device. We will gather service details and begin the remote session. Our technician will discuss the issue with you over the phone in non-technical language. Sometimes, the problem can be quickly resolved over the phone. In most cases our technician can remotely access your computer using a secure, encrypted connection to diagnose and repair the issue. The technician will send a request for permission to join you on your computer. You can observe progress as the technician navigates your device. Once repairs are completed, the technician verifies that the issue is resolved and logs out. Remote support sessions are available for all operating systems and brands on these devices, software and more:

Remote IT Help and Support Services

Remote IT Help and support is not just for malfunctioning devices. GEEK-AID® technicians can help you with any home or business IT issue. You can use remote sessions for help with navigating new software or training on email and online calendars. Our technicians can help you learn new technical skills such as file setup, file sharing or conducting video conferences. Our remote services include support for these items and more:

Computer Help at Home – Residential Service Options

We offer several service options, ranging from one-time single-issue service sessions to complete yearly IT service and maintenance for all your family’s devices. GEEK-AID® offers managed residential support for all your home tech devices, including unlimited remote support for up to five pre-registered devices.

Some computer issues cannot be resolved remotely and require a site visit, such as physical computer and device repairs, complete setups and computer relocations. Onsite visits are billed at the in-person rate. Contact us for more details regarding our available remote service options and find out which one is right for you:

Contact GEEK-AID® for online tech and computer repairs and remote IT support services for homes and small business offices.