Employee IT Training for Small Businesses

GEEK-AID® can customize IT training for your employees. We tailor workplace learning to meet your specific business goals and requirements, such as training employees on new software, programs, equipment and processes. Constant changes in business technology require training to get the most out of your IT investment. We will help you establish a culture of learning and self-improvement and keep your workforce up-to-date and competitive. Training can make your team more comfortable with new technology, improve efficiency, and reduce staff IT support requests. Additional benefits of employee IT training include:

Technology Training Topics for Employees

Employees must know how to operate the systems they use every day, and the steps required to troubleshoot some issues on their own. They also need to know when to ask for help rather than waste hours of productivity searching for a solution. GEEK-AID® can design training for your entire company or select teams, individuals or departments. Our technicians can get everyone on the same page and walk through your company’s unique everyday tasks. We will customize training to fit your business needs, employee skill levels and budget. IT training sessions can focus on a specific platform, process change or new software. Here are some frequently requested topics, but we can present customized training on any IT topic:

New Employee Training and IT Setup

Getting new employees set up and operational can be time-consuming for you and overwhelming for your new employee. We can load all their necessary user accounts, programs and software on computers, mobile devices and desktop phones. Our technicians can set up email, passwords and network access for all company systems. GEEK-AID® can provide more training IT onboarding services, including:

IT Workshop Events and Employee Training Options

GEEK-AID® provides several format options for employee IT training. Our expert consultants will design a training session to meet your technology needs and goals. We can accommodate your schedule and location and conduct training in your conference room or another offsite location of your choice. Our experts are also available to speak at trade and professional association events. Here is a partial list of formats and topics:

IT Security Training: When to Report a Breach to a Cybersecurity Expert

Most cyberattacks start with an email. Training employees to recognize and report potential incidents is a cost-effective way to protect your business from the devastating effects of a data breach or loss. If employees are unaware of warning signs or afraid to report suspicions of a cyberattack, it could end up costing your company tens of thousands of dollars in terms of financial losses, loss of reputation, fines, consumer lawsuits and lost customers and contracts. GEEK-AID will teach your employees basic IT security hygiene such as:

IT Policy Development

Having an IT policy helps your business by clarifying what is expected of employees and managers. IT policy is part of your company’s IT maturity and will help employees meet objectives and use time appropriately. GEEK-AID® can help you create a customized IT policy. A good IT policy can help you get every advantage out of your IT investment, and keep your company safe without creating an overly restrictive environment. Here are some more IT policy benefits for your business:

Give us a call to schedule customized employee IT training. We can help you improve your business productivity, employee engagement and IT security.