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Managed IT Services for Accounting Firms

Accounting firms must protect their client data as well as their own business data. Understanding and addressing this data liability and risk is a critical element of IT services for SMBs especially financial services firms that have additional compliance responsibilities. Outsourcing to IT professionals helps your firm stay compliant, improve workflow and minimize network downtime. The cost of noncompliance, inefficiency and network outages (including cyberattacks) far exceeds the low monthly cost of comprehensive managed IT services for accounting firms. *

Many small accounting firms do not have full-time IT managers and rely instead on the “break-fix” model of IT service. This approach results in technicians getting paid every time they show up. This unmanaged method leaves gaps in software updates and firewall security and may result in infrastructure and systems that cannot interact. Managed IT service begins with a complete network assessment and inventory. We get everything configured and running smoothly and then manage scheduled maintenance and necessary updates for you.

We are incentivized to keep your network running smoothly to have less emergency work. Our financial incentive benefits you because you have less downtime. We cover workstations, mobile devices, desk telephony and more. Here is what is included with a new managed service agreement:

Accounting Firm IT Solutions: Cost-Effective and Reliable

Adopting new technology is essential to long-term success and staying competitive. We can improve your firm’s operational efficiency and organizational tasks with productivity software, data protection and storage solutions. GEEK-AID® can help you with expanded remote and work-from-home employee communication options and solutions.

Are your employees working from multiple locations? We can help them access needed files from anywhere they are working. GEEK-AID® offers remote assistance and help-desk services to solve collaboration and access challenges. Many IT issues can be solved in a few minutes using our secure, remote service, so your employees do not always need to set aside time waiting for an in-person visit.

IT business continuity is another critical consideration for accounting firms. We plan for data and network access during a natural disaster or cyberattack by ensuring data backups are accessible and functioning. Weather events and office disasters can no longer halt business activity and network access. We can help you plan for business continuity so your employees can keep working during disasters.

A Data Security Partner in a Financially Compliant Environment

Work-from-home employees and remote network access increase productivity but also create network and data security issues. GEEK-AID® is a division of DIGIGUARD Cyber Security, so all work is done using current network security best practices. We are familiar with FINRA, SOX and other data compliance requirements. Our technicians configure your firewall and other equipment settings securely. In addition, we can train your employees to use a password manager to reduce the most significant risks leading to cyberattacks.

Data compliance is another critical consideration for accounting and financial firms. We can show you and your employees how to classify data according to the level of security required. This method allows you to save data storage and archive fees and securely encrypt sensitive and essential data.

We also help you keep data safe by limiting administrative access to only those needing it to perform their jobs. This “principle of least privilege” method hardens the network surface area against cyberattacks by restricting the number of admins able to access data or make changes.

IT Consulting for Accounting Firms: Expert Tech Advice

Having a trusted technology partner in place means we keep track of your IT products (including lifespan) and any updates required to keep them safe and functioning. We also can help you migrate data to new systems. As a trusted IT consultant, we help you find the best technology products to suit your productivity and industry needs. Managed IT service is like having a dedicated IT manager but without an in-house employee's employment costs and management oversight.

NYC-Based Employees Provide Prompt Response and Service

GEEK-AID® has delivered business IT solutions in Manhattan and the NYC metro area since 2003. We support small and midsized accounting firms and companies across all industry sectors, taking pride in our customer service, high customer retention rate and referrals from satisfied customers. We perform the services of an in-house IT department and provide 24/7/365 response.

Our technicians are all New York City-based, so you never have to deal with an overseas call center. Take advantage of our reliable, predictable IT support for a fixed monthly fee. Start by scheduling an appointment to discuss your accounting firm’s unique needs.

We look forward to helping you reduce costs, improve cash flow and increase operational efficiency.

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* - The True Cost of Compliance with Data Protection Regulations