Network Cyber Security for Small Business

Each time you connect a new device or add a new user to your network, your cybersecurity risk increases. GEEK-AID® can help protect your company IT systems, data assets, employee and customer private information and brand reputation from digital attacks. Cybercrimes targeting small and mid sized businesses (SMBs) have increased dramatically. Small companies are attractive targets to cybercriminals because they hold valuable information that can be resold or held for ransom. Also, small businesses frequently lack the network and digital security of larger companies with in-house IT security officers. Our experts can detect network intrusions and remove harmful viruses, malware and spyware from your system. We use a layered protection approach and combine hardware, software, controls and employee training to protect your network and data. Our services include:

Small Business Network Security: Virus and Malware Detection and Removal

Preventing malware and viruses from getting into the network should be the primary focus of SMB cyber security efforts. Using appropriate antivirus software to protect against known threats, following network protection and patching guidelines, implementing safety protocols and monitoring network activity will provide some of the needed protection for your network. Cybercriminals change their tactics in response to evolving industry protections, so despite your best efforts, malware and viruses may find their way into your network. Professional expertise and ongoing training are necessary to interpret monitoring alerts and unusual network file activity. We monitor for the latest industry threat intelligence and virus removal response solutions. Contact GEEK-AID® right away for instructions if you or your employees notice any of the following:

Our experts can quickly diagnose computer malware or virus infections and halt the spread of damage on your network or to your supply chain partner networks. GEEK-AID’s trained and certified technicians know where to look, how to remove all traces of viruses and patch security gaps so that cybercriminals cannot return to inflict more damage, compromise or encrypt files or steal more data.

IT Security and Network Protection

GEEK-AID® proactive cybersecurity and IT protection measures will help close your network off against outside attacks. Our consultants will assess your network security gaps and suggest measures to protect your digital assets such as customer data, financial and banking information, private employee data, patient records, formulas and plans, industrial controls and more. Here are some of the methods and tools we use to protect your network, including remote network access use:

IT Security Consulting

Call us right away for emergency services or to discuss any suspicions you may have. It’s also a good idea to call GEEK-AID experts for a consultation if you plan to make any significant changes to your business. Changes such as purchasing new IT equipment, setting up remote workforce or new offices, company mergers, new installations of digitally controlled equipment or physical relocations can affect your IT security. We can help ensure your network cyber security is not overlooked during these changes and that you are making well-informed IT investment and security decisions.

Contact GEEK-AID® today, and we will set up a free consultation to identify your IT security needs and create a cost-effective network cyber security plan for your business.