Non-Profit IT Services

Startups and nonprofits both need to make every dollar count. The right technology can help groups with limited budgets achieve their goals. Getting IT systems to function safely and efficiently will go a long way toward protecting progress and facilitating growth and expansion. An IT professional can make sure your network is functioning properly and help you avoid duplication of services and the unpredictable costs of hourly fees. Here are some of the ways GEEK-AID professional IT services and network support can help your group prosper:

Non-Profit IT Support

Managing the technology needs of a non-profit shouldn’t require a huge budget. GEEK-AID technicians are small and midsized business (SMB) technology experts. We have the advantage of seeing all brands, software and operating systems in use in various industry sectors and will know which products can best satisfy your technology needs.

Many of our technology partners offer special discounts for non-profit organizations. We can make sure your group gets every available discount and that you take advantage of open-source technology whenever appropriate. Your group works hard to achieve its mission and fundraising initiatives. Our experts can help minimize IT costs and improve productivity and mobility. We can install technology solutions to protect your donor and financial data and help improve productivity even with limited staff and resources. Outsourcing your IT to GEEK-AID managed and remote services can help your non-profit with these IT needs and more:

Nonprofit Technology: Tools to Help You Reach Your Goals

Non-profit groups need the same access to updated technology tools that businesses use. Using tech to improve the donor and volunteer experience is critical to the success of your organization. GEEK-AID® can provide office productivity tools and team collaboration tools that make access to updated records simple.

We know many volunteers work from their home or office and need secure and reliable access to the group’s network and data. Protecting donor privacy and financial information is essential to your reputation and the continued confidence of donors. Our experts can provide secure network access for your organization.

Maximize your nonprofit’s funds. GEEK-AID managed services help nonprofits use technology to achieve goals. Contact us for more information and special rate information.