Computer Training

GEEK-AID® provides customized computer training in the comfort of your home or office or remotely via screen-sharing technology. Our experts can efficiently train you or your entire group on specific new technology and techniques to improve productivity, efficiency and workflow. Learning new technology on your own can cause frustration. Getting dedicated, targeted training for new tech will help you quickly use all new features and transition seamlessly to new applications and software. Our IT experts have installed and used nearly every brand of home and office technology and can help you learn to use these and other products, tools and skills:

Computer Tutor

A private computer tutor is an efficient use of your time and resources. Whether for work, personal or student-learning needs, a private tutor can determine your goals, help you decide which software can best perform those tasks, and quickly get you up to speed on the essential new skills and techniques required. Generic online or free learning programs may not be up-to-date or have the ability to answer your specific questions, and are often a waste of time. GEEK-AID® experts can help you with the following:

Spreadsheets: Excel Training

Excel is the most commonly used spreadsheet tool and the business standard for accounting, inventory and logistics management. Many valuable features are available within the program, but most users find they rely on only a handful of familiar features for their daily tasks. We can help you fully utilize Excel and provide shortcuts and techniques to simplify your everyday tasks. GEEK-AID® can update you on these skills and more:

Microsoft Training: Word, 365, Outlook and More

Microsoft has a whole suite of productivity and creativity tools that can be used separately or bundled together in the Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) productivity suite for improved team collaboration. The features and components work together seamlessly when needed including email and calendar functions, too. Learning all the available features of 365, including Word, PowerPoint and Outlook can be overwhelming and hard to absorb all at once. GEEK-AID® will help you master productivity and function for specific daily tasks. Our experts can assist with everything from fundamental skills to advanced techniques, including:

In-Home Computer Training for Seniors and Adults

Computers are involved in nearly every aspect of life. Communication with family and friends, job searching, shopping, healthcare, volunteer work and more are increasingly dependent upon computers. Are you or someone you know ready to begin learning basic computer skills or improve current skills? GEEK-AID® can help you discover your computer learning goals and meet them with informal learning at your own pace. Whether you are a beginner who needs a complete computer setup or an intermediate-level user looking to add skills, our experts can help you with computers, tablets and smartphones. We will tailor sessions to your knowledge level based on your needs and goals with these topics and more:

Intermediate Computer User:

Beginner Computer User:

Let us help you improve your technical skills. Contact GEEK-AID® today to schedule custom computer training. Choose on-site or convenient remote training sessions.