Smart Home Installation

GEEK-AID® can transform your home into an automated smart home. Our technicians will program and integrate the automated home device controls to your phone, laptop, desktop computer or tablet so you can control or view all your systems from any location. Smart home installations use your existing wiring in most cases. We will upgrade outlets, doorbells and switches to accommodate smart home controls and devices. Our experts can supply everything for you, including any required mounts and equipment necessary for installation. We can also install your existing smart home products. These intelligent home devices and systems can easily be added to your home:

Home Automation Services and Smart Home Support

Smart home systems have been shown to improve the value and marketability of your home. GEEK-AID® can install convenient home-automation systems in your home or office locations and provide ongoing smart home support services and repairs for malfunctioning systems and devices. Our experts are available 24/7 for emergency assistance, and can assist onsite or with convenient remote service. We will help protect your smart home investment and help you extend the life of your connected home products. Contact us to schedule these home automation services and more:

Smart Home Setup: Meeting WiFi and Network Demands

Smart home automation products place increased demands on your network. Routers need to have sufficient speeds and enough available ports to be able to connect additional hubs. Lack of adequate speed will cause errors and buffering issues. We can test your current system to assess its capabilities. You may need a new commercial-grade router that can accommodate the number of devices and required speeds. GEEK-AID® will evaluate your entire home network to ensure that your new connected home system will operate properly. Our technicians will:

Home Automation Maintenance and System Updates

Like many other systems in your home, smart home automation devices require proper care and occasional maintenance to keep them running at optimal performance. Scheduling maintenance services ensures that all your system components are functioning and optimized to perform the way they were designed. GEEK-AID® technicians will help you get the most out of your investment. We will conduct the following maintenance services and any others recommended by the manufacturer for each device:

Improve convenience and security with home-automation devices. We will help you control all your smart home and smart office devices from one place. Contact GEEK-AID® for set up, repair and support services for connected smart home automation.