Home Office Set Ups for Improved Productivity

GEEK-AID® can set up your home office with professional IT technology solutions. We can design and install a new system or improve the speed, function and integration of the existing remote office network in your home. Let us know what you need to do, and our consultants can make sure you have the infrastructure, hardware and software to accomplish your productivity and communication goals.

Many work-from-home offices were set up hastily at the start of the pandemic. The rapid shift to remote work sometimes included the use of outdated, incompatible or unsecured devices and programs. Our expert technicians can help you update and seamlessly access your company network or add features to help you expand your own business IT capabilities. We can also set up or improve student home learning and remote classroom access so your whole family can safely access and enjoy these enhanced home office features:

Work-From-Home IT: Remote Office Technology Solutions

For many companies, the future will include keeping a remote workforce in place. Most businesses will not go back to the same in-office arrangements they have used in the past. GEEK-AID® can install the latest remote office technology systems and software in your home or fulfill precise employer requirements for technology and internet service speeds. Whether using company-supplied equipment or bring-your-own-device (BYOD), we will set up systems so you can sync data and communications and know that your information is secure and private and you are compliant with your employer’s data-security policies. Our technicians can set up these systems and more in your home office:

Home Office IT Support Services

Most companies have an IT officer or an entire IT department to handle tech issues as they occur. Remote workers may find themselves trying to solve IT problems on their own. GEEK-AID® IT support and service can take the frustration out of office technology issues.

We offer several convenient IT support options designed to solve all of your technology issues quickly. Whether you have our unlimited service plan or use our hourly services, help can begin right away if needed or during a conveniently scheduled appointment. Here’s how we help:

Work-From-Home Security

GEEK-AID® can help you comply with your employer’s data-security requirements so you can avoid the worry or embarrassment that comes with accidentally introducing a virus or cybersecurity incident to your company network. Our experts can also help you demonstrate proof of data compliance that might be required when bidding on contracts or third-party services. Home computers are at greater risk of security incidents due to having less robust security measures than business offices have and other issues such as sharing devices with family members. We can help you with these home office security issues:

Remote Learning Setup and Student IT Support

GEEK-AID® can set up or improve remote student-learning computers and tech devices in your home. With an increased number of devices accessing home internet and WiFi, many families have experienced slow computer speeds or other issues such as spotty WiFi coverage that hinder at-home learning. Technicians are available to troubleshoot or service any student tech issues in your home. We can even help your college student with remote virtual computer help sessions. Contact us for assistance with:

Get professional-grade technology for your home office. Call GEEK-AID for installations, service and support for work-from-home and remote student learning.