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Date: 2/24/2021
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In a Virtual Help-Desk World, Local IT Service is Still Essential

On-site Manhattan computer repair is more important than ever for Work-From-Home (WFH) Offices

New York, New York – Jan. 7, 2021 - Remote IT service is a relatively new tool in the tech repair arsenal. A technician logs in to your computer remotely and virtually fixes the IT issue. The best-case scenario is you are up and running again in a half-hour. The worst-case scenario has you waiting on the phone for 45 minutes for a technician to answer before starting a virtual help session with someone from an overseas call center. After an hour, you find out that the company can’t fix the issue. It offers to schedule a subcontractor to come out, but you might wait days for an appointment. Another repair option is to disconnect your computer and lug it to a computer repair shop. You might have another wait before you carry your computer home and reconnect everything, only to discover the whole problem was a bad connection in your apartment.

Overseas or nationwide call centers come with risks and drawbacks, including:

Local IT support that offers both remote and onsite tech services solves these service issues. GEEK-AID® senior consultant Harvey Yan witnessed an uptick in service requests during the pandemic as employees and students navigated the shift to WFH along with the cyber security issues that followed. "We spent the first six months of the pandemic helping small business customers set up secure employee network access at home." Yan adds that "our residential customers also needed help with work and school setups, WiFi coverage, desk telephony and video conferencing."

“Having the ability to help customers remotely means we can solve tech problems quickly,” Yan says. “But remote service can’t solve all issues, so the same remote technician can arrive on-site to complete repairs in your home or office. Our mobilized techs can recover data, replace power supplies, debug hardware, install equipment and more. We are the only Manhattan-based technicians in the ‘city that never sleeps’ to make onsite repair calls 24/7 in the New York City metro area.”

GEEK-AID® is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. “We have embraced remote service,” says Yan, ”but even with virtual screen-sharing technology, you still need on-site services for many issues. We started this company when IT work mainly took place in business offices. 2020 accelerated the shift to a remote workforce. The need for on-site repairs has not changed, despite the ability to access the office network from anywhere. Having a trusted local adviser familiar with your network and devices improves service and data security for small and midsized business networks. Residential customers benefit from the relationship as well, gaining access to full IT services, including personalized IT training for new software and devices.” (

Source: GEEK-AID