A Sneak Peek at Windows 10

After the Windows 8 debacle, hopes are high that Microsoft will continue with their pattern of developing a decent operating system every other try. For us computer repair agents, we are hopeful, too. Will Windows 10 live up to those hopes and dispel the bad taste that Windows 8 left in our mouths? Read on to get a sneak peek at Microsoft’s next OS venture.

The Start Menu. It’s back! Even when the start menu is open, it is translucent rather than completely opaque. This allows you to be able to look at what is on your desktop (whether icons or just a pretty background) even when the Start Menu is open. If you loved the tiles, don’t fret. They are still a prominent part of the operating system, but are better integrated for users who are used to a desktop and start menu.

Cortana Goes Global. The desktop version of Cortana will be available in several countries now. That means your business partners in the UK, China, Germany, and elsewhere will get the same benefits from the voice-activated service.

The Virtual Desktop. Added features make multitasking easier than ever before. It is simple to drag and drop the project you are working on between windows. The taskbar will no longer be cluttered by open icons from other desktops. This will be a great tool for managing several projects at once and keeping everything organized.

The Login Screen. It‘s fixed! Microsoft has experimented with a number of lockscreen features to make the login a little more user friendly than the one in Windows 8. The design is clean and intuitive.

Desktop Icons. This is more for aesthetic purposes than anything else, but Microsoft has redesigned the desktop icons, and they look better than ever.

Of course, we will have to wait until the actual release to find out if these and other adjustments add up to a more refined operating system than Microsoft’s last venture. Until then, we wait with bated breath.