A Watch That Keeps You Awake

A Watch that Keeps You Awake: When You Must Not Sleep

Nodding off at the wrong time is a bigger problem than you might expect. Whether it is behind the wheel of a car after a long day at work, or, you are experiencing the 2:00 p.m. post-lunch crash, people are always looking for strategies to stay awake. In today’s technology rich environment, there are more than just alarm clocks to wake people up. There are devices whose function is to keep people awake, including a headset that warns people when they are falling asleep. Unfortunately, even if you have these devices, remembering to set the alarm, or forgetting to put on the headset, can also be a problem. However, something that people wear without a second thought is their watch. Thus, the idea for a watch that keeps you awake was born.

The new spark watch has a time feature just like any other timepiece. Where the spark watch differs is it has two motion sensors. One sensor checks for movement; the other tracks the frequency of the movements. The user-specific algorithm is then made to track the movement patterns of the user. If the watch thinks that it has not moved for too long a period of time, it vibrates and wakes up the wearer. When you are ready to turn in, or if you want to take an afternoon nap, simply remove the watch or turn off the vibration mode.

The spark watch is lightweight, waterproof, and features a color LED display. Even though the watch is in production, the batteries on the prototypes lasted for almost 7 days of use. Nevertheless, the company is trying to find a battery that will last even longer.

If you could use a watch that keeps you awake, all that is needed to reserve it is , one-third of the projected resale price. That is, of course, assuming that they make it past the prototype phase and into full production.