Alarm Bracelet Protection

Alarm Bracelet Protection: Safety on Your Wrist

How many people subject to crime could have changed the circumstances and the outcome, if they had only needed to press two buttons in order to summon help? Although there is no way to know the answer to this question we do know that the world can be a dangerous place. A Dutch company is working to give women, or anyone for that matter, an extra level of protection in the way of Safelet. Safelet is an alarm bracelet protection device. It gives the person wearing it the ability to activate an alarm that sends out their location by way of their smartphone. When the wearer senses danger, it can be triggered quickly and easily by pressing two simple buttons. Clearly, this would be a lot easier than trying to make a phone call during an emergency situation.

Setting up the bracelet simply requires syncing it with an app on your smartphone. You can the set your desired level of security, including who you want to be alerted, when you signal that you are in danger. You can choose between alerting your family, your friends, those in the Safelet group, or, you can even alert the police.

The alert system is quick and easy. Pushing just two buttons immediately sends your information to your pre-decided recipient or groups. This is much faster and simpler than pulling out your phone, making the call, and describing your location. With Safelet, your GPS location is automatically provided to your emergency contact via your message. The bracelet is also equipped with a microphone that, if previously set up, will record on activation.

Safelet is an alarm bracelet protection device that could help women all over the world feel safer and more secure. Additionally, even though women might most benefit from this device, men could use it too. Currently, the bracelets are still in production. However, they can be reserved for less than one hundred dollars, which is a good deal less than what the (estimated) final price will be. When available, they will be offered with global shipping.