Are You Ready for Windows 10?

After a long wait, and a lot of negative feelings towards Windows 8, Microsoft is finally ready to unveil Windows 10. If you use Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, hopefully, you have already signed up for the limited-time free download offer. If not, go ahead and get your free upgrade before it is too late.

Why Windows 10 and not 9? For one thing, I think Microsoft is trying to leave Windows 8 as far behind them as possible. Plus, maybe they are trying to end the curse that only odd number versions of Windows are any good. Regardless of the reason, we have high hopes for Windows 10. Here are a few reasons why.

First of all, Microsoft promises increased security, which really is a must considering the fact that Windows has been the least secure OS as long as most people have been using computers. Once again, Windows will be available across your Microsoft devices including on your tablet and phone. What new features do we have to look forward too?

Internet Explorer is now Microsoft Edge. Does that mean you will want to ditch Chrome or Mozilla? Maybe. Edge allows you make notes on websites and forward those notes to others. This feature also follows over into the new Microsoft Office, making viewing and editing documents a seamless experience.

The start menu is back! But don’t worry if you have gotten used to the tiles. They will still be there, just not as prominently. Plus, Cortana, your digital assistant, will be available on all of your devices now. After all, why shouldn’t your digital assistant be available at any time?

With all of the excitement surrounding Windows 10, we’re hoping that there is not some sort of big letdown. If there is one thing that Windows 8 taught us, it’s that consumers need to take new releases on a test run themselves before it can be determined for sure if the next big idea was actually a good idea.