Avoid the Worst Scams in Technology

When it comes to the technology industry, there are many who will try to make a profit by taking your hard-earned cash in return for very little – here are some technology scams you’ll want to avoid wasting your money on.

Don’t pay your cell phone company per month to have GPS on your phone – not only can you get a GPS with no monthly charge for the service, there are also free apps like Google Maps that you can use right on your cellular device if you choose not to have a separate GPS. Every cell phone carrier seems to offer a service like this – they are a total rip-off!

Don’t spend a monthly fee to have 3G or 4G service on your tablet. First of all, if you have Wi-Fi at home your network should be sufficient for tablet use, and when you are out you can usually find a hotspot. If not, a better way to go is to have your phone as a hotspot – don’t pay for internet on your phone and tablet!

Don’t spend a ridiculous amount of money on an HDMI cable. Are all HDMI cables created equal? No, but the fact is that when it comes to digital media, either a cable works or it doesn’t – you won’t lose integrity like you would with analog media. So don’t spend on a cable that you can get for on Amazon – in fact, buy three so that you’ve got spares in case one goes bad prematurely. You’ll still save a ton of cash.

Don’t waste money on phone insurance – first of all the deductible is usually ridiculously high, and secondly, if something happens to your phone before you are eligible for an upgrade, you can usually get something inexpensive online to hold you over for a few months even if you have to get a refurbished phone. Over the course of two years you could pay over 0 in insurance and never use it, and even if you need it the deductible may be as much as 0 – you can likely pick up a phone online for less than that!

These are just a few of the many ways people get cheated when purchasing technology. Extended warranties are also usually a waste of money, especially when sold for items that become obsolete within just a few years. Don’t get roped in!