Best Android Apps: 2013 Edition

Top Android™ Apps of 2013

What awesome apps did you discover in 2013? You know, the kind you have no idea how you survived without? We have a couple of those ourselves. Read on for our curated Android™ list of last year’s desert-island picks.

First, let’s begin by tipping our hats to Google™. We love chatting using our Gmail™ account and the Talk app served us well for a while, but Hangouts™ has redefined the service. Now you can take care of all of your Google contacts in one place. Whether you are having a conversation in Gmail chat, Google+™ or want to make a video call, you only need one app.

While we’re at it, let’s consider another great addition to the Google line: Keep. This is the only real competitor for the popular Evernote® app. Linking it to your Google Drive™ account makes it even more effective.

Now, let’s talk about Swype™. Obviously, the app isn’t the first introduction of this proficient way of using an onscreen keyboard. It is, however, the first version that isn’t considered Beta. That’s why it’s the first app to make our list that isn’t free (Don’t worry, it’s only ).

Camera Awesome® makes the list as well. Are you tired of your friends with Apple™ products always posting better photos on Facebook® and Instagram®? Now for the low price of , you can have the same camera app that’s been providing your iPhone®-wielding buddies with advanced camera functions.

Photoshop® Touch has finally made its way to smartphones, too. That’s the good news; the bad news is that even if you already have it on your Android tablet, you’ll have to pay for it again on your phone. More good news: It’s only .

Let’s end with a grocery app. Yup—we always need one to make our lives easier, and Buy Me a Pie!® is a great way to keep in sync with the rest of the fam. No more having two household members come home with a gallon of milk but no one remembering the eggs, as this one helps you share your grocery lists and removes redundancies.