Discover Which Web Browser Suits Windows 10 Users the Best

Before Windows 10, you probably used third-party favorites like Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. But now that Windows 10 comes bundled with the highly anticipated Edge, is it time to change browsers? Windows 10 has been available for a little while, so after actual use, let’s see which browser gets the job done in tests.

How Each Fared in JavaScript Performance

When it comes to testing browser efficiency, JavaScript is often used as a benchmark. Let’s look at some of the most popular benchmarks online to see how your favorite browser fared.

So after checking JavaScript performance, the biggest surprise is that Edge performed better overall than Chrome. It’s a huge leap from the virtually worthless Internet Explorer. For you are in love with Firefox, its disappointing results, finishing last in two of the three tests and third in the other, may come as a shock. Windows 10 apparently provides a rough environment for the very popular third-party browser from Mozilla.

Total Browser Performance

Why look at just JavaScript performance when RoboHornet can give you overall performance figures? That seems like a game changer. Chrome rose to the top, taking the spot everyone would expect, while Edge ended up in a disappointing last place.

The Verdict

While Edge is a great new browser, it doesn’t seem like it is going to become the number one browser, even for most Windows 10 users. While being able to mark up a website, as well as quickly save and send your notes is a great feature, and the browser seems to function as well as Chrome, if not better in some cases.  However, all of that doesn’t make up for some of the things missing with Edge. For example, you need to be able to bring up a list of tabs you recently closed in case you clicked the X by accident. Plus, Edge still appears to be having some issues with Facebook, and isn’t social media why most people are online?