Does Your SMB Need Computer Network Support Specialists?

For most small to midsized businesses, the days of “homespun” network support are long gone. Computers, networks and all related technology have become complex, if not daunting. Computer network support specialists have the knowledge and tools to troubleshoot your network problems and execute appropriate solutions. For an SMB’s IT maintenance, a network support specialist can provide a wide range of services, from computer backups to installing and repairing computers. Perhaps more importantly, monitoring and maintaining networks have become a top priority in our newly expanded remote-access work environment. Computer network support specialists can provide many services, depending on your business’ needs.

Does Your IT Support Small Business Priorities?

Most small to midsized businesses do not have the time, money or expertise to provide comprehensive computer network support. Therefore, there are many reasons for an SMB owner to consider employing IT experts to take on the vast array of responsibilities required to ensure their business has a secure, functional and robust network:

Case Study

The managing partner in a law firm in Connecticut thought he was a savvy power-user of computers. So, to save money, he decided that he and his assistant would install and connect their new network. After all, the lawyer had always been able to install and connect to computers at home. So how much more difficult could it be?

After spending many hours on this project, they found themselves stuck. The temporary network they had been using was deactivated, and they were lost in the details of settings and safeguards required to install a secure network. After they had worked into the weekend, the pressure escalated, and Monday was approaching with no network in place. They had not planned for any obstacles, and they became so confused that they weren’t even sure what the exact name and password were for the network on which they were working. Furthermore, they realized they had no clue about the cyber security protections they needed and began to worry that their clients’ confidential data, which they were legally obligated to protect, could be imperiled by their amateur attempts.

Finally, the partner and his assistant had to abandon their attempt to install the new network and instead use their smartphones to locate a reputable IT professional. The IT expert met them at the office early that Monday morning to unscramble what action was needed to fix and secure their new network.

There are affordable options to help manage all your IT needs. GEEK-AID® Computer and Network Support specializes in customized Managed IT Services for small to midsized businesses. GEEK-AID®’s team of experts is comprised of specialists in different areas of IT services, serving clients on-site and remotely. The GEEK-AID® team doesn’t clock out at five o’clock on Friday. They are available 24/7 to ensure your computers, network and data stay healthy and secure. As your business grows, expands its network and adds more devices such as smart controls, wireless access and remote access, your network vulnerability and need for regular IT support will grow, too. Hardware and software installation and maintenance, repair, security and network protection must be consistent, proactive and not wait for a system failure or data breach.

Call (877) GEEK-AID (877-433-5243) to evaluate and discuss your IT support needs. Remember, we are here for your computer network support 24/7.