Don’t Fall for That Video App Offer – It Isn’t Free

The promise is a free video, but all you get is Free Phishing.

Video is the most popular form of content on the Internet. Just look at the stats on how many people search on YouTube (it’s second only to Google) and the millions of videos being watched every minute of every day. It’s no wonder why Facebook wanted in on the video action. With over a billion users, Facebook wants to give their audience more reason to use the service—and to share content. Unfortunately, it also introduces an opportunity.

Scammers Love to Work with What is Popular – Like Facebook Video

This is why a new scam has popped up encouraging users to avail themselves of a free app for viewing Facebook videos. The scam tries to convince you that all you have to do is log in to your Facebook account to get the free download. Once you do, guess, who has your login info? Unfortunately, it’s the scammer.

To go after those who are interested in mature content, another part of the scam suggests you are about to watch a Facebook video requiring age verification. Entering your username and password confirms you are over 18. This is also a scam to steal your info.

Unfortunately, the scam looks very authentic and uses the Facebook logo and everything. The moral of the story: Never enter your credentials unless you were specifically trying to download something. Pop-ups asking for your login info are usually not legit.

What is Phishing?

You probably noticed the term phishing used above. What does it mean? Like a fisherman baits a fish, a scammer uses a lure to catch data. In this case, the lure is a free video app—or access to adult content. Your login info is now caught, and the scammer has access to tons of your personal information.

What if It’s Too Late?

If you’ve already filled out something like this, you should: