Exciting New Display

Exciting New Display: Across the Screens

An exciting new display has been situated in a window at a medical college in New York. It consists of thousands of LCD screens, each positioned behind a lens. What a person sees on the display depends on the distance from screen to observer. It was created by the same team that made a jacket for a well-known chocolate company, which flashes if the person wearing it is eating one of two of the company’s candy bars. Like the jacket, the wall display is designed to express the work and research that is being done inside, in this case, displaying an almost infinite amount of content that is constantly changing.

Consider what the display would look like if you started from far away and then moved closer. If you are looking at it from the other side of the screen, you will see a large image at a high- resolution. It appears to be just one screen. Moving closer, however, allows the observer to see more and more layers of the image. Approaching the window itself brings into focus different images and topics clustered together in the screens. At the closest distance to the screens, images and text on each one of the screens are visible, all at high-resolution.

The images and information displayed on the screens is managed by a system that is specifically used for this display. As new content and research emerges from the center, the display is changed. The lenses placed in front of the screen also change the view. Depending on which side the observer stands, the image will look different. The display functions both as a whole and on an individual level. Each screen can be controlled and has a resolution of 240 by 240. All of these pixels are then stitched together over the thousands of individual screens.

This exciting new display is meant to be a permanent fixture and was designed for easy maintenance and repair.