Facebook launches its brand new application: Facebook Camera!

Even if the world is focused on the IPO issue that Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook team had been going through, this will not prevent the giant social media site from surprising us like always. They keep trying to improve the Facebook network by providing news apps. The newest is the brand new Facebook camera app! Even if Facebook has purchased the app Instagram for billion dollar two months ago, Facebook is launching an app for iPhone and iPod Touch focused on the camera.

We can notice that the app won’t have the company general mobile representation but it will still be connected with Facebook. Similar to Instagram, Facebook Camera brings a new way to use and share photos on the social network, but there are some differences between the two apps, and Instagram users aren’t likely to switch away. Despite this, Facebook Camera could grab the attention of Facebook users who don’t use Instagram and surprise many others.

Here are some Facebook Camera characteristics:

To sum up, the app offers many features similar to that of Instagram, but also the ability to share pictures with friends separately from the Facebook network. This application is only focused on mobile, and makes the Facebook photo experience better on smartphones.

The release of this new app indicates that the company is looking to develop and offer more services than a simple social network provides. When the buyout of Instagram will be officially approved, we can imagine that these two companies will be able to work together as one.

Many Instagram users are wondering if the launch of Facebook camera will end Instagram because everybody knows Marc Zuckerberg bought Instagram to eliminate the competition. Unfortunately, no one knows for sure what the relationship between Facebook Camera and Instagram will be.

Meantime, the app is already available. Go on Apple store and make your own experience.