Facebook Updates Online Privacy Guidelines

Privacy is something that all of us cherish. We very carefully choose who and where to share our most intimate moments. However, in the digital age that can be hard. We use social media to interact with personal friends and share our lives online. And once something is online, it is difficult to hide it from everyone. Well, Facebook seems to understand your concern. They’ve updated their online privacy settings to make it easier for you to understand.

Facebook Privacy Basics

Knowing the ins and outs of Facebook’s privacy settings is not the easiest thing to do. And when they constantly add new features, users are never sure who is able to see what they post. Well, thanks to a handy new guide, you can learn answers to the following questions:

They even have a section in their new guide on how to make your security better and what to do in the event that it has been compromised.

The Benefits of These New Online Privacy Guidelines

Giving users an intuitive way to understand their settings and Facebook experience goes a long way. With a better understanding, users can now take extra care of staying safe and keeping their information private.

Another benefit is that this guide is mobile friendly. Some actions you take might lead you to the privacy basics, which can tell you what the how to share things the way you want to. Hopefully, this guide will encourage people to check and update their privacy settings. This way it makes it easy to connect with others online without having to worry.