Will Smartphones Have Foldable Screens in the Near Future?

Recently, top smartphone designers have been toying with the idea of foldable screens. This is a very exciting development. Because over the past few years, enough progress has been made for it to be a possibility.

The Samsung Galaxy Round proved that a screen could be curved and flexible. And LG’s G Flex went even further with Samsung’s design plan. Its great durability impressed users. Both phones, however, were stepping stones. Not the final result.

A move towards a more flexible design is exciting for a couple of reasons. Many critics say smartphone design has plateaued. They think everything looks the same now. A spark of innovation like this will prove them wrong. Also, for the many clumsy people out there living with cracked screens, this sounds like an awesome idea.

So, how far away are we from having foldable screens? Who’s the closest to making this a reality? Will it be as life-saving and practical as everyone thinks? There aren’t any definitive answers to of those questions yet, but here’s what we’ve found.

The Future of Foldable Screens

In June, Lenovo debuted a prototype for a phone called the CPlus. It’s a very interesting looking phone. Not only is it bendable, but it can also roll up and be worn on a user’s wrist. The phone-watch combo can be a game changer. But the CPlus’ release date is still a few years away. Lenovo says it won’t be out until 2020.

Other top companies are working on their foldable designs, too. Recently, Apple has patented the idea for a flexible iPhone that can clip onto clothing. And reports have shown that they’ve had the idea for a foldable design for a while.

In order to make this a reality, Apple has partnered with LG. Designs have already been drawn up and they plan to start producing them in 2018. Samsung, Google, and Microsoft have also expressed interest in working with LG for screens of their own.

Foldable screens offer a lighter, more durable option for smartphone users. It’s a design that feels more like a futuristic dream than something only a few years away from being released. But companies like Apple, LG and Lenovo are very close to making this dream a reality.