Galaxy Grand Is Samsung’s Latest Edition

Mirror, mirror on the wall…which is the grandest smart phone of them all? If your magic mirror answers by screen size, then Samsung’s Galaxy Grand is a shoe in. The 5-inch screen finally one-ups the 4.8-inch that Samsung has on the S3. There’s a significant difference, however, when it comes to quality. The Grand does not have an AMOLED screen, and the resolution is far less than that of the S3.

So what is the deal with this phone? The big distinguishing feature is that it has two SIM cards. Does that sound like a strange idea to you? Probably it does if you are not from Asia or Africa where this is the standard for cell phones. In these areas, most people use the same phone for their business and personal numbers and use dual SIM cards to be able to take calls on one number while using the other. It’s a cool idea, but fairly unheard of in the US and across Europe. Does this mean the Grand won’t be released in the states? It’s too soon to tell.

Some of the other phone features are its utilization of the Android Jellybean operating system and fast processing speeds which will allow you to multitask. The camera takes nice 8 megapixel shots, and there is a 2 megapixel camera that faces forward for your video conferencing needs (and self shots). The built in memory is 8 MB, but there is an SD slot for expanding that.

Most of the other features are just your standard modern smart phone features. Samsung has not said anything about a release date or the price of the Grand as of yet. We will likely have to wait another week until CES takes place on January 8th through the 11th.