Get Ready for Office 2016

Microsoft is not pulling any punches with their latest line of products. Hot on the heels of the Windows 10 buzz, Microsoft has released a preview of MS Office 2016. There are new features that will be useful to users whether they are at home or the office. Plus, this version is truly cross-platform software and should integrate seamlessly, even if you use Apple or Android devices. Let’s look at some of the most impressive features.

Real-Time Collaboration

The new collaboration feature allows more than one user to work on a document simultaneously. You can view changes being made by another user as they occur. If you use Office web apps, this may sound like old news to you, but it is a hot new feature for desktop users.

Smart Apps

These are applications that learn as you use them. Clutter, for example, removes clutter from your Outlook inbox by analyzing your habits and prioritizing each email that comes in. Do you sometimes have trouble remembering the Excel, Word, or PowerPoint command that you need? The Tell Me app anticipates what you need and provides the command for you. Insights is another app that utilizes Bing, the Microsoft search engine, to get you more info from the web on highlighted text in a document.

Excel Gets a Facelift

In the modern world of data analysis, the person with the best charts and graphs is king. That is why Microsoft has modernized the look of all of the charts and graphs in Office 2016. Plus, there is a forecasting feature that utilizes the data you have already input to project future figures.

Testers Wanted

If you want to try on MS Office 2016 for yourself, all you need is a computer with Windows 7 or higher. If you presently use Office 2013, you will have to uninstall it before you can download 2016. This is not a test product for new users, but if you love all things Microsoft and are familiar with previous versions of Office, Microsoft wants your feedback.