Give Your Older Printer WiFi Capabilities

Just about every modern printer comes equipped with WiFi. After all, no one wants to have to plug in to print anymore. Plus, what are all of those tablets and smartphones to do with no way to connect to a printer. That has led to the age of WiFi printers. So do you have to upgrade your printer at the home or office if it doesn’t have WiFi capabilities? Not necessarily. ImageTech has released a couple of devices to turn any printer into one that can handle mobile devices.

The devices are named printUSB and printWiFi. PrintUSB is more suitable for the home setting. It only allows one device to be connected to the printer at a time. Print USB isn’t wireless. It’s just a means for connecting mobile devices that wouldn’t normally have a place to plug in a printer. It is basically a USB hub that lets you attach the mobile device and a printer.

The wireless option, which is much better for an office setting, is called printUSB. An app named printView will let you connect mobile devices to a printer using a wireless connection. Of course, this is also good for a person who needs to work a lot on the go. These are portable devices, and you can quickly attach them to any printer, even one that you don’t have the software for. The only real issue is whether or not someone minds if you reach behind their printer to plug in your device.

We’re talking mere inches for each of these devices that will give your older printer WiFi capabilities, so there is no problem slipping them into the slimmest of laptop cases. Of course, if your home or office printer is old enough to not have a wireless setting, it’s probably time to upgrade anyway, but you can’t expect everyone on the planet to keep up-to-date. PrintUSB and printWiFi may really save you when you need to print something somewhere that has barely made it into the 21st century.