Google Glasses

Google glasses have been the current topic of conversation lately and the buzz continues to grow. What are Google glasses you ask? Google glasses are designed to help you share your life as you are living it. From the big moments, down to the everyday experiences one might entail.

People are experimenting with these glasses to see how they work and what problems may occur. They call this experiment “Google sessions,” where you can experience what you see while using the glasses.

After first I was skeptical about the glasses because I wasn’t aware of what they were capable of. However, as I began to read about the glasses I was very intrigued by how they functioned.

The Google Glasses will be run by the Android’s database. They will include a small screen in front of your eyes, motion sensors, GPS, and either a 3G or 4G connection. There will even be a camera on the front of the glasses with a flash. This device is meant to stand alone instead of being connected directly to an Android phone.

Some of you might have heard of the Google Goggles and wonder what is the difference between them and the glasses. Well I have the answer for you. Google Goggles is software—an app that can search the web based with photos and scans, while Google glasses is hardware.

What will one be able to do with the Google Glasses? With Google Glasses the buyers would have a tiny person talking to them in the corner of their eye to find out information around them with satellite navigation, such as knowing what subways are closed or being able to take photos and share them with others.

Good news for people that wear glasses! Yes, you will be able to still where the Google Glasses even if you wear eyeglasses. The Google Glasses are created to go over the top of your eyeglasses so that everybody can wear them. Now people who wear eyeglasses don’t have to worry about carrying around two pairs of glasses with them.

The glasses will cost the same amount as the current smart phone according to several Google employees. The invention will not be as expensive as people assumed.

The release date for the Google Glasses for the public won’t be until 2014, but developers will be able to get a hold of them sometime in 2013. This gives the manufacturers enough time to introduce more promotions and fix any core problems.