Should You Buy Google’s New WiFi Router?

Google is looking extend the reach of your modem with their new WiFi router. Chances are, your house could use something like this. You probably have at least one room that’s a total dead zone. And you’ll wind up avoiding it all day or lifting up your laptop awkwardly to get a better connection.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Google’s WiFi router intends to get rid of those pesky dead zones. They want you to get the most out of your modem. Because you deserve to have the exact internet you paid good money for.

So, how well does it perform? Is it better than the other routers currently out there? What about the price? We’re going to discuss all of that out now. Here’s our review of the new Google WiFi router.

Product Review: Google’s WiFi Router

Setting up the router is pretty simple. All you have to do is download the Google WiFi app on your phone. After that, just follow a few easy instructions and you’re connected.

The reach of Google’s router ranges from 500-1500 square feet. The reach depends on which speed you prefer. If you choose the 2.4 GHz speed, it’ll be longer. But if you want the faster 5 GHz option, your reach will not be as far.

For people that live in a larger home or apartment, one router might not be enough. That’s why Google came up with the Network Assist feature for multiple router homes. So, when you’re moving around the house, Network Assist will immediately connect your device to the one with the fastest connection. This is done seamlessly, so you won’t experience a dropped call or failed download when going from room to room.

For one router, the price is at 9. And buying three in a bundle costs 0 dollars. Compared to other routers with an equal reach that the three routers combined give you, it’s a good deal.

Google is looking to make your WiFi reach further with their new router. And no matter the size of your house, it has you covered. At a fair price for its quality, this product would make a good purchase for anyone.