There’s a Growing Need to Emphasize Hardware Security

Focus on software and cloud-based technology is important, but hardware security is still the strongest line of defense against a cyber-attack. Software tools such as antivirus are not as effective as hardware-based security. Altering hardware is more difficult. The physical component, therefore, eliminates the possibility of malware being installed. The use of processors is what keeps things secure.

There are reasons to find alternatives, but it could prove to be costly. Because the first step to preventing a cyber-attack is with strong hardware.

Software Security Vs. Hardware Security

Software encryption programs are more cost effective and easy to use. But the security that software provides is only as good as the operating system. A lapse there can easily compromise the security provided by the encryption code. Hardware security is what keeps sensitive data the safest.

Companies Investing in Hardware

Many leading developers have noticed a growing need for hardware because of its effectiveness. IBM recently unveiled their z13s mainframe and have called it the most sophisticated computer system ever built. They assure users that the z13s is able to encrypt data twice as fast as previous generations without compromising performance.

Developing stalwarts of encryption will help in a myriad of ways. Several other companies have been looking to stop cyber threats with hardware, on both a big and small scale. For example, CyberInc’s Isla looks to eliminate all browser-borne malware, while IronKey intends to deliver secure USB storage solutions.

The Need for User Awareness

User awareness is arguably as important as anything else mentioned in this article. If someone doesn’t know how to properly handle the hardware or software they’re using, this could lead to a big problem. Users who are more aware of what’s out there behave more responsibly and take fewer risks with valuable company data.

Cybersecurity continues to be a concern. But hardware security is revolutionizing how viruses and malware are combated. Paying attention to this sector will pay dividends for users everywhere.