Hacking Voice Chat: Beware What You Type

It seems hackers are getting more creative these days. While we implement several security measures to protect our personal information, they seem to be finding new and inventive ways to steal our data. A new study recently revealed that hackers are even listening to the sounds your keyboard is making while you are using voice chat. Find out how they are using voice chat for their own malicious purposes.

Voice Chat and Typing

While you are voice chatting on Skype, hackers are just waiting for you to type sensitive information on your keyboard. Every key on a keyboard has a distinct sound based on the brand and how it is made. Using a machine dedicated to detecting the different sounds each key makes; hackers are hoping to decipher passwords and other important information.

The study performed by the researchers at the University of California, Irvine and in Italy. They found that with the right information, hackers have a 91.7% chance of deciphering the keys you are pressing. Without knowing the right information, they still have a 41.89% chance of figuring out what you are typing.

According to co-author Gene Tsudik, “We have shown that during a Skype video or audio conference, your keystrokes are subject to recording and analysis by your call partners. They can learn exactly what you type, including confidential information such as passwords and other very personal stuff.”

How to Avoid Hacks Like These?

Thankfully, the machines they are using to listen to your keystrokes only works on physical keyboards. It is almost impossible to figure out what you are typing if you use a laser keyboard or touchscreens, as they make no sounds.

Another step you can take to protect your information is to be aware of who you are talking to on your voice chat sessions. If you are talking to strangers, or someone you do not trust, don’t type while you are voice chatting.