Hangouts Web App

Hangouts Web App: Communicating from Your Desktop or Laptop

Whether you use the Google operating system, Chrome OS, or are using Microsoft Windows, Google has a new web app you might be interested in. It lets you use the Hangouts web app as a desktop app, instead of in your email or as a pop out browser window. Sorry Mac users. You haven’t been included yet. What does the app do?

You can check your contact list, receive alerts when you get a message from someone, and view older chat conversations right from your desktop. This can all be done without having a browser open. You will have access to the voice and video calling features. It also syncs with your mobile hangouts app, so conversations will stay up to date on all of your devices. Google Voice members can even use the app to handle calls, texts, and voicemails—right from your desktop.

Honestly, the app isn’t a surprise. Hangouts has been a part of the Chrome browser as an extension from early on. In fact, the Android app was so popular that Apple got on board and allowed a Hangouts app for their mobile products. While there’s no news yet on a Hangouts app for Apple desktops, it seems to be inevitable. In the meantime, Chromebook owners and Windows users can rejoice in the ability to use Hangouts with a desktop or laptop, all without having to open a browser and log into their Gmail account.

The best news is that the hangouts web app is free, so there’s really no reason to wait. Go ahead and hit up the Chrome Web Store, unless you are on a Mac. You can then start handling your calls, video chats, and texts for free from your desktop. Thanks Google! We’re glad you make so much money on search that you give us all this other cool stuff for free.