How Smartphones Affect Privacy in Public

The term “dynamic visibility” is gaining momentum as studies are observing the effects of technology on the privacy of individuals. It is important to remember that digital surveillance is not 100% to blame. We also have to consider the sheer amount of free information that people divulge through technology. Consider some of the ways we willingly give up some of our privacy when it comes to our devices.

How Our Privacy Is Shared

Apps like Waze allow us to share our location at all times. Facebook and other social apps result in the sharing of tons of personal data. Even dating app profiles record information that should be considered a huge invasion of privacy—and yet people willingly give up that information in an attempt to be digitally matched up with the right person.

Research was performed using an Android app. The study focused on one particular part of Israel where smartphone use is the highest. The app included surveys taken on the phone that gathered info that was willingly shared, but it also tracked the location and phone usage of those who downloaded the app. This simulated the amount of information that people give up both voluntarily and through app allowances.

The study revealed that an astonishing 73% of responders were willing to give up their actual location while filling out a survey. It was also made clear that people were much more willing to give up both their location as well as other personal information when they were taking a survey in a public place rather than at home.

The fact that people seem more willing to give up personal info when asked questions in public is an intriguing phenomenon that encourages further study.

At the same time, this study serves as a warning to all those who are genuinely concerned about privacy. Be sure to consider what information each app on your phone gathers. Many track location and some do so even when the app is not in use. At the same time, consider what information you give away freely via social media, dating accounts, and online surveys. You never know who may be watching.