Got Spam? Do You Know How to Block Spam Calls on an iPhone? We Do

The launch of every new communication medium generates opportunities for new versions of unsolicited or undesirable messages. These electronic or telephonic messages are known as spam. In the mildest sense, spam is an annoying source of clutter in inboxes everywhere. At its worst, spam can be the vehicle for the launching of scams and cybercrimes. Our cell phones have become the mobile spam receivers of emails, texts and robo phone calls.

How to Block Spam Calls

The FTC offers some basic suggestions for minimizing intrusions by robocalls:

In addition, if you answer the call and are asked to press a number “to be connected to a representative,” don’t press it. As soon as you’ve pressed the number, you’ve confirmed that your number is real. Once your number is confirmed, it can be sold as a verified phone number and might also be subject to more frequent automated calls.

How to Get Off Spam Call Lists

The FTC /articles /0108-national-do-not-call-registry offers a Do Not Call Registry You can either register online or call 1 (888) 382-1222. Placing your number on the national registry is free and should reduce the number of telemarketing sales calls and texts you receive.

However, the internet has allowed spammers from all over the world to disguise their internet phone calls by using your local or nearby area codes. For example, your caller ID might show the local area code for your town when the call actually originates in India. The United States Justice Department /usao-edva //pr/ /operator-indian-robocall-scam-pleads-guilty-defrauding- /over-5000-us-victims- /out-more-8 investigates, arrests and prosecutes more international spammers every year. But at the average user level, it is no longer easy to discern which calls to answer and which to ignore.

How to Stop Robo Text Messages on my iPhone

On an iPhone, blocking specific numbers to avoid spam calls and messages is easy:

The number is now permanently blocked. However, depending on the volume of spam calls and texts you receive, this task can become very tedious and time-consuming.

But What if the Spam is From an “Unknown Sender?”

Your iPhone will now filter out messages from numbers you and your phone do not recognize and store them under a new tab called “Unknown Senders.” Then, at your convenience, you can review these numbers to determine if they are spam or from known, trusted sources.

The volume of spam calls and texts has skyrocketed, and all the major wireless carriers now offer call blocking apps to help streamline the process and leave less to chance. In addition, many third-party apps are available, such as RoboKiller, Blocker and Truecaller, to help block spam calls and texts. However, many concurrent layers of user detection and protection are required to eliminate spam. Unfortunately, the average small to midsized business does not have the time or staff to devote to tracking this vulnerability, and many do not realize the potential cyber threats posed by unsolicited calls and texts.

As your business grows, expands its network and adds more devices such as smart controls, wireless access and remote access, your network vulnerability and need for regular IT Maintenance will grow, too. From the little details of blocking robocalls to the vast undertaking of protecting your network and hard-earned data from cyberattacks, your business cannot afford to ignore these ever-evolving threats. Since the pandemic and the increase in remote-access work, the importance of Mobile Device Management has never been greater.

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