How to Create and Organize Folders on an iPhone or iPad

A lot of people use their iPhones and iPads as their remote access computers. And even though you might love your devices, Apple products are not always as intuitive to operate as we might like. Once you've learned how to do it, it is not difficult. But it is anything but obvious, especially to a new IOS user. If you rely on your iPhone and iPad for many functions, you will want to keep your files and your apps organized, or your Home screen will become challenging to navigate.

How to Create a Folder on an iPhone

How to Organize Apps on an iPhone

Now that you've learned how to create a folder, you can now expand this process to help organize all your apps. Decide on categories you would like for organizing your apps. In addition to a folder for Social Networking, you can use the same method to group any apps in any category: Utilities, Search Engines, Music, Shopping, etc. You can use any name you'd like. If you wish to delete a folder completely, drag all of the app icons out of the folder. When the folder no longer contains any apps, it will disappear from your screen.

How to Create a Folder on an iPad

On your computer, a desktop cluttered with folders and files is difficult to navigate. The same statement holds true for your iPad, only worse. An iPad has a smaller screen than most computers, so leaving files and folders in disarray on an iPad is even more counterproductive. The instructions for creating a folder on an iPad are almost identical to what we did to create folders and organize apps on an iPhone above. However, with IOS 13 or later, there is a slight change:

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