Protect Your Privacy Online. Learn How to Prevent Doxing

At its best, social networking allows families and friends to stay in touch or reconnect with people with whom they’ve lost contact. In addition, some online platforms permit a level of anonymity, where opinions can be shared without revealing identities. Now, however, malicious cyber attackers use “doxing” to unmask such users and expose them to nefarious acts such as public humiliation, vengeance and vigilantism.

What is Doxing?

Doxing is using the internet and its resources to find and reveal private information about previously anonymous users for the intent of online public humiliation, extortion and vigilante vendettas to hinder users’ lives.

By accessing online databases, social networking comments, public records and other online activity, cyber harassers discover the real name, address, telephone numbers, emails and work addresses of people who wish to remain anonymous. Here are a few types of doxing:

How to Prevent Doxing


Swatting is a byproduct of doxing, whereby the attackers hijack addresses obtained through doxing to call in fake emergencies to police departments or medical services. The hackers make it seem as if the call is coming from the unwitting target’s address, sending responders to that address thinking they’re responding to a real emergency when, in fact, it’s a hoax. Swatting is a criminal act and a federal offense. The FBI news/ stories/ the-crime-of-swatting-fake-9-1-1- calls-have-real-consequences1 warns against the dangerous consequences of swatting and investigates and charges more swatting cases every year.

The recent dramatic increase in remote-access work has exposed many new network vulnerabilities and has produced new forms of cyberattacks. As the hackers get better, we must stay one step ahead. And as your business grows, expands its network and adds more devices such as smart controls, wireless access and remote access, your network vulnerability and need for regular Network Cyber Security will grow, too. From the little details of preventing doxing to the vast undertaking of protecting your network and hard-earned data from severe cyberattacks, your business cannot afford to ignore these ever-evolving threats. Since the pandemic, the importance of remote workforce access, technology and security management and ensuring proper protections are in place has never been greater.

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