I Can’t Hear You

People say there’s an app for everything, but would you honestly have thought there would be an app to help with hearing loss?

If you’re suffering from hearing loss, you can now download an app that can analyze and treat loss of hearing thanks to the app developers behind The Good Ear.

The “Better Hearing” app, which costs 99 cents per month, uses Threshold Sound Conditioning (TSC for short) to identify where your hearing is weak. It  then improves it as you use the app over a period of two weeks for 30 minutes per day, according to its developers.

You may not even realize you’re suffering from hearing loss, but according to a recent study by Johns Hopkins, 1 in 5 Americans experience some form of hearing loss.

The app works in direct contrast to traditional treatments for loss of hearing. The app operates on the basis that amplifying sounds for the sufferer actually makes their condition worse.

He went on to explain that the technology used by the “Better Hearing” app identifies the frequency band the user has the most deficiency in and then applies sound therapy at a barely audible level, thereby re-training the ear to hear at lower levels.

The Good Ear’s app beat four other smart phone app developers to take the prize at the MobileBeat Innovation Competition in San Francisco on July 11th, 2012.