Improve Your Windows 10 Experience With These Tricks

The Windows 10 upgrade is already a huge step up from Windows 8, but you may enjoy it even more if you know about all of the useful features. Here are a few that we love and think you may be interested in.

Update Your Start Menu

Boy were we ever glad to get the Start Menu back! Now it is time to customize. Right-click on those tiles to unpin them from start, pin them to your taskbar instead, or resize them. You can actually adjust the size of the start menu too by hovering over the edge and dragging it like you would a window. You get even more features to customize by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting Personalize and then the Start tab.

Switch Between Virtual Desktops

Windows 10 allows you to create more than one virtual desktop. This allows you to have one for work, one for play, one for the kids, etc., without having to log out and back in as a different user. Just click the task view button on the toolbar when you want to change desktops or get rid of one.

Start Talking to Cortana

Open the Cortana app to turn on the “Hey Cortana” feature. Be sure to choose the option that allows your computer to learn your voice. Then you can just start your command with “Hey, Cortana!” instead of having to click in the box anytime you want to ask your assistant for something.

Are You Using Microsoft Edge?

Yes, we know you love Chrome and Firefox, but it is time to give the new Microsoft browser a shot, especially if you need to comment on an existing web page. Just click on the Web Note button, chose among the highlighter, pen, or eraser, and you can make notes directly on web pages to save and send.

Biometric ID

If your computer or tablet has the technology for it, a Windows 10 upgrade allows you to unlock your device with fingerprint detection or facial recognition. Just go to “Settings>Accounts>Sign In” to see what options are available to you.